Uprisings in the World

It feels like the uprising in Egypt, following the uprising in Tunis, is just the tip of the iceberg. It feels as if there is some greater plan in the wings. Someone in the background is pulling the strings of puppets who don’t seem to have the ability to think for themselves. Rather, they react to the hyperactivated rhetoric by running through the streets chanting, ranting, destroying property, enraging others and encouraging mob violence, inspired by some unseen violent force bent on the destruction of a government for its own yet hidden purpose. There is no Plan B in place, or is there? Does the unrevealed source of all this tension have a plan and are the riots actually part of the master plan?

It feels like The Twilight Zone. If the End of Days are coming, then, as predicted, will it begin with conflagration in the Middle East? Who is the puppeteer rushing our world headlong into a path of destruction? Is it the world of Islamic extremists? It is impossible that these riots are simply random. They are too well organized; the protesters are too well prepared. Unfortunately, the participants are not worldly, kept ignorant for years by governments bent on enriching themselves at the expense of their citizens, so they are ripe for the instigators in the background who have their very own agenda, as the extremists in Iran had, when the Shah was overthrown. Why are Arabs so vulnerable to the power of suggestion, so eager to participate in violence that they take to the streets to demonstrate at the slightest provocation, leaving a path of death, injury and destruction in their wake?

The message to be careful what you wish for is booming loud and clear. Many people think that in the interest of democracy we should encourage the people to make their own choice even if it is an unhappy one for us, for Israel, for the safety and security of the Middle East as it relates to the Western world. What can they be thinking? Are they secretly wishing it happens here too? Are they hoping for the destruction of the free world and the establishment of an Islamic one? I am reminded of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. That sure was an example of the people making a disastrous choice, a democratic choice made by the people! How about Lebanon and the rise of Hamas? Were they aware that they, too, would fall one day to the capricious desires of someone stronger who would move the pieces around the board, at will, to accomplish the desired goals? Sometimes we cannot take the attitude that we should forgive “them” for they know not what they do because what they don’t know and what they may do, could have a very negative effect on the surrounding world and the repercussions could once again be “the shot heard round the world”.

At a time when the United States is perceived as weaker, as being governed by an intellectual who is ineffective in influencing the world as promised, into one of a harmonious community, if Egypt falls and an enemy government rises to power, it may be tragic for Israel and, eventually, the rest of the civilized world. Will the Suez Canal be in play once again? Will the entire world be thrown into a state of chaos? Will the economic markets react negatively and the fragile recovery be undone.

President Obama believes that although the internet is fueling the unrest, it is a civil right for those in Egypt even as he moves forward to control its access to the citizens of the United States. Does this make sense? Does the end justify the means? Do we allow the animals to run the zoo because they are in greater numbers and it is the democratic idealistic thing to do?

One has to wonder why the Arabs are so easily bent on the destruction of their own communities, museums, stores, lives, as they march for their “freedom”. Do they not realize that they are defeating their purpose? Young people speak out without considering the consequences of their actions; they are just bent on acting out and they don’t seem to care about what the end result will be. Why does the atmosphere feel explosive with such violence and hate? What kind of a culture worships and encourages that kind of behavior rather than peaceful demonstrations?

One also has to examine the values in our own country when a media intent on ratings fuels the rioting and unrest with constant coverage which stresses the violence and not the areas in relative peace. One would think, from the reporting, that the country was burning, that there are no safe havens there and yet, when Egyptians here are questioned about whether or not they fear for their relatives, they say no, they spoke to them and they are safe and can protect themselves. Our media is fanning the flames.

Finally between Elbaradei and Obama, two recent Nobel Peace Prize winners, one has to wonder what the committee was thinking when they were chosen since the world has descended into chaos ever since.


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