Meet Einstein, Mariela Kleiner

This is a great tool for a parent, grandparent or guardian to engage a young child in the field of science and arouse their interest in future study. It promotes the idea of asking questions and seeking information. In gentle ways, it fosters learning, encouraging research and experimentation, albeit on a very basic level.

The illustrations are beautifully drawn. There is a cartoon like quality to them which invites the reader into the world of elementary science. With just a sentence or two on each page, the child is introduced to concepts like gravity and light, without stress or confusion. It seems easy and enjoyable.

The initial and final pages are filled with drawings of scientific tools and basic scientific concepts. Simple explanations are provided with each picture, i.e., a microscope shows “ity-bity stuff”.

This is a friendly book that just might encourage some of our young to become future scientists.

By the time a child would be able to read this book alone, the concepts might be too primitive, but surely, for a very beginning reader or as a read-aloud with a guardian, this book would be an excellent choice for pleasure and education, combined.


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