The Evolution of the Book Store

Barnes and Noble is changing their focus. It may be good for their bottom line, according to the talking heads, but it is sure not good for people who love hard copies of books! I find everything else in the store distracting. Book stores used to be places of contemplation. Now they are places of frenzy and soundbites. Stop the world, I want to get off!


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2 Responses to The Evolution of the Book Store

  1. JoAnn says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I am in a bookstore, a gift shop, a stationery store, or a toy store, not to mention a restaurant! I also find it distracting. I was just in a B and N for the first time in MONTHS and it was awful. So loud and annoying.

    Even my library is no longer a “place of contemplation”. Very upsetting.

    • omasvoice says:

      I find Barnes and Noble totally uninviting now. I hope my library at the Cape will be a good place to visit. They recently rebuilt it and my book group is going to meet there in the spring and summer.

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