Rioting and Looting

There is a strange difference in the people’s behavior in Japan when compared to the behavior of those affected by the floods in New Orleans and the devastating earthquakes in Haiti. How can we explain such an enormous profile difference?

In one instance, the devastation is beyond anyone’s imagination…massive earthquake off the charts followed by massive tsunami and more aftershocks followed by more bad news, nuclear reactors near melt down, radiation escaping into the atmosphere and yet, the people are as calm as can be expected and behaving in an orderly manner. There does not appear to be violence, looting or panic. They are obedient and respectful and they seem to be uniting in their efforts to work to improve the situation, to help themselves, as well, without screaming for outside help or government intervention. There do not appear to be any angry demonstrations or any angry politicians making unrealistic demands, using the situation for their own political gain.

What accounts for this difference? Is it because of the way the country is ruled? Is there a more orderly government, a more highly developed culture? In Japan there seems to be a profile of hope and courage rather than defeat and despair. It is a profile of people who are not using the situation to advance their own personal cause or agenda but rather a people joined in an effort to repair the damage to their country, not point fingers at anyone for the failure of the systems to work as planned but to rebuild and restore their honor and their very lives.

I leave the explanation to others. For me, it defies reason and possible explanations might be too volatile to voice.


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