The Twilight Zone

It is difficult to watch all of the crises unfolding around the world without having your heart wrenched in concern. Nature is running amok, citizens are killing each other in the streets, stock markets are unsteady and, in our country, the leadership seems to be even unsteadier. There is no fixed agenda except for that of the next campaign, the next election. The current situation seems to be on the back burner by both major political parties. They don’t define themselves in any special way. If a man like The Donald (Trump), whose strong suit is arrogance, can achieve Presidential status, what is next for this country? Yes, he can run a business but he also can run them into the ground just as easily. What qualifies him for the job? His money? His bully pulpit? His name recognition? Are we doomed to have another President unprepared for the job, but quite possibly the only one electable? It seems to me that we can do better than that, but that is only my opinion. The Presidency is not a position conducive to “on the job training”!


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