Tragedies Unfolding

One can’t help but wonder what is going on in nature. Earthquakes defying memory, tsunamis wreaking havoc and destruction beyond anyone’s imagination, unbelievable amounts of snow falling even in places that never saw snow before, volcanoes erupting that have long been dormant, and storms causing unbelievable flooding are just some of the out of this world events occurring with too much frequency. Is it the alignment of the planets which will be at its most unusual in 2012? Will the straight line arrangement expected have an even greater effect on our weather and our planet’s gravitational pull? Why is the inner crust moving faster and in the opposite direction of our outer crust? What new natural disaster awaits us? Someone told me it was global warming. I am afraid that is a far too simple explanation for what has been happening and the scientist behind that theory has basically been disgraced for advancing false information to prove his theory. I would have preferred that he spent his time figuring out what is the cause of all of nature’s disruptive behavior and perhaps suggesting a way to alter that, instead of falsely concluding that global warming is our nemesis and helping our former esteemed Vice President to obtain a Nobel Prize, which was just another travesty committed by the award committee.

Calling Al Gore! Since global warming appears to be a dead issue but the abundance of natural disasters are fresh meat to consider, so perhaps you want to put your nose to that grindstone. There just might be another peace prize out there waiting for you. You can probably purchase it with your carbon credits!


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2 Responses to Tragedies Unfolding

  1. JoAnn says:

    OMG, I just choked on my water when I read that last sentence. You are on a roll tonight, my dear!

    You go, girl.

  2. omasvoice says:

    Thank you, thank you. I am not sure what got into me but I guess lots of stuff has been bottled up waiting to bubble out!

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