The Governor was duly elected. The people of Wisconsin went to the polls to elect him legitimately. The Unions/Democrats disagree with his policies and want to destroy him and/or prevent his efforts to restore fiscal responsibility. The Union’s/Democrat’s use of children, chanting in the Capitol building to get rid of Governor Walker when, at approximately age five, they have no clue about him, seems more than irresponsible and unprofessional.

The animals appear to be running the zoo! Their behavior shows that there is a need for better applicants and better training for those who wish to work in Federal positions, or any government position, and that tenure is indeed, an oxymoron. Their behavior only proves to those in the private sector, that the Governor was right in what he proposed and passed. They behaved like ruffians and bullies. They ran from their responsibilities because they couldn’t get their way, like spoiled children and now, they are trying to spoil the children of our future by filling their heads with ridiculous propaganda, falsehoods and concepts they cannot understand or fully absorb and consider on their own. Like the children, they are acting on their emotions alone, throwing their intellect to the wind.


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  1. JoAnn says:

    as one of the comments, in the link you provided, said <<>>


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