A Contradiction In Terms

Interestingly, our esteemed President Obama, winner of the venerated Nobel Peace Prize, before he proved himself worthy of such an honor, but for whom most people had high hopes and whom most people wished well, has now escalated our armed interventions around the world and has engaged us in three active wars or semi wars! Behold the man of peace!

Does anyone else find this to be a problem with the professed transparency promised by this administration? Was this part of his platform? I thought we were leaving Iraq, closing Guantanamo, stopping rendition, bringing peace to the Middle East and, no small achievement, bringing peace to the world at large, as well, because this President was going to engage and enrapture all of the heads of state that former President Bush could not, because he, they said, not only failed to enamor them and bring them to join his coalition of the willing, but he was also, in bed with oil, causing rising oil prices. I wonder why the prices are rising now…to paraphrase, “is there someone else sleeping in that bed” ?

Well, there is another job that our President is going to be wholly qualified before his term/terms are up and that is, travel agent! He and his family, including grandma, have traveled the world on our dime. Don’t you wish you could join him? He isn’t going to Japan to offer support, he is taking his kids to Latin America instead, to discuss the economy, while Michelle, her mom and the kids, engage in “other” forms of diplomacy. I had better quit while I am still standing; my sarcasm runneth over. I have become so disenchanted with our President and our Congress, I don’t know how else to react!


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