Obama thought regime change was wrong. The Liberals thought Bush went into Iraq for oil even though most of the world believed Saddam had weapons of mass destruction, even though they voted to give him the authority to invade Iraq; they quickly reversed themselves when it seemed more advantageous to do so. They did not think we should go there to defend the people being murdered in cold blood by Saddam. Oh no, those self righteous leftists said it was not our business….not our business I guess unless the idea sprang from the well of the Democrats. Suddenly, now, we find the pundits, the “fair minded messengers of news” praising this President for his inaction and patience on the current crises in the Middle East, embracing his stand on the “no fly zone”, and yes, even  praising his once again, involving this country in a war that has nothing whatsoever to do with us.

Duplicity, thy name is Democrat! There are no national defense issues involved, there are only humanitarian concerns, the very same they harangued Bush about, a message hammered home everyday by a corrupt media just to destroy anyone and everyone associated with the Bush Doctrine so they could win the election. Did they care if Obama was qualified? Not at all, it was enough that they could make him a rock star and win the election. They used him as they used Cindy Sheehan but he got better results. He was created by the media and the party, and now, he really believes he is capable, even deserving of the position. His narcissism drowns out all other character traits.

I looked up the definition online, on Merriam Webster’s site. I found several:

Definition of CHANGE

transitive verb
a : to make different in some particular : alter <never bothered to change the will> b : to make radically different : transform <can’t change human nature> c : to give a different position, course, or direction to
a : to replace with another <let’s change the subject> b : to make a shift from one to another : switch <always changes sides in an argument> c : to exchange for an equivalent sum of money (as in smaller denominations or in a foreign currency) <change a 20-dollar bill> d : to undergo a modification of <foliage changing color> e : to put fresh clothes or covering on <change a bed>

Try as I might, I couldn’t seem to find an appropriate definition for the CHANGE promised in Obama’s campaign message. So far, it seems to be a message of same old, same old, just more of the same. He criticized Bush soundly, as did his entire Party, and then, without  blinking an eye, he comfortably stepped into his footsteps . The bully pulpit was/is theirs. No matter how wrong they are, they will win again because they have the microphone.

Oh my, they informed us, Sarah Palin was the worst human being on earth…after all, she went ahead and kept her disabled child. She even dared to want it and love it. The parodied her on SNL, even as they extolled Obama, they said she was less qualified than he was though she was not running for President and he was, though she was a Governor and he was a community organizer, they pretended to be honorable.  Are we all going mad? Are all of our values upside down, inside out? Wasn’t anyone actually listening to the contradictory statements being made?
When “You Lie” was shouted out in Congress, was it prophetic? Oh my, they were so aghast on the left! Such disrespect, they said, and who better to know what that means, the perpetrators themselves or the innocent? The pots were calling the kettles black???? So, in reality, who was disrespectful and disingenuous? Will the real liar please stand up? I don’t think so.

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3 Responses to Change

  1. vanessa says:

    Bravo! Nothing like the truth!

    BTW, these “rebels” in Libya whom we are supporting. Where do they get their weapons? Do we know who the “rebels” are? What they are fighting for? Oh! I know! They are fighting for “change”! Well, then, we are obviously on the same side!

  2. JoAnn says:

    now he’s done it….and he is off touring South America. Ye gods….

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