Where Do Libyan Rebels Obtain Their Weapons

Where do the Libyan rebels obtain their weapons? Here are two possibilities:


I am very conflicted about what is taking place in Libya right now, even as I type. When Bush went into Iraq there was widespread agreement at first. It eventually turned into a vehicle to trash him. Who can forget the numerous cries of those who originally voted to give him authorization to attack, and then changed their minds? They called him a liar, a murderer, etc., because no WMD’s were found.

Now that Obama is using our weapons to attack Libya, under the auspices of the UN, not because of suspected WMD’s but for humanitarian reasons, barely a voice has been raised. Yet, for national defense they objected. What is wrong with this picture? Where is Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink? Why are there no voices questioning the logic of this mission? We allowed the situation in Iran to deteriorate. How did a President who condemned President Bush, who won the Peace Prize, who promised change, get away with this behavior,  without being called a liar too?


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