Why Is Israel On The Back Burner?

While renewed violence occurs in Israel, nary an eyebrow is raised? Where is the Jewish community on this? I can certainly understand if this issue is not front and center for other people, but MOC’s (members of the clan) should certainly have an interest in the overall welfare of their homeland and in the consequences stemming from the unrest unfolding in the Middle East. Why the silence from the journalists? We certainly see news about other violent attacks, do we not?

Can it be that the media has no interest in the Israeli crisis because it isn’t sufficiently interesting to all Americans. This President enjoys a good crisis. It is his campaign strategy, but he needs the right one to galvanize the public to his pedestal. He stands by,on his perch, does nothing, pontificates a great deal and then takes credit for whichever outcome he prefers. He straddles the issue without taking a stand on any. He reminds me of a doctor I once had who accurately predicted the sex of a baby before birth (before the current technology existed). He would tell the woman she was having a girl and write down boy on his record or vice versa. If she had a girl, she thought he was right. If she had a boy, he could point to his record and say she misunderstood. It was very clever, dishonest, but clever. Obama reminds me of that man. When will the rest of the world wake up. He is too clever! There is danger in that kind of thinking when it slips into affairs of state.

Why has this President not visited Israel? What signal has he sent to the Arab world? Why are the Jews not more vocal about his lack of interest in their welfare? Why do they still support a man who obviously shows disdain to their brethren, preferring to extend an olive branch to the enemies of Israel.

Is his shabby public treatment of Israel sending a signal that it is time for a revolt there, as well. As Qaddafi queried Obama, so must I…what would you do Mr. President, if suddenly there were uprisings and attacks from within your country? Would you calmly acknowledge their right to protest. I think not…I think you would do what you did in Wisconsin, support them if they agreed with you and actively undermine them if they didn’t as you did with Tea Party Activists, falsely accusing them of doing heinous things, which they did not, while ignoring the very heinous acts committed by the Democrats, which actually did occur. Where are you coming from? A President is supposed to represent everyone. You seem not only ill prepared for the job, you seem a bit unworthy of it, a bit outclassed by it.

To paraphrase what Netanyahu said, could you, Mr. President, sit down and talk peace with people whose only objective is to annihilate you? What concessions could you make? Would you offer to lay down and die? To me, the criticism of Israel is ridiculous.


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