The Friend Of My Enemy Is My Enemy

After listening to news all day long, wondering which of the messages we are receiving is real, about the radiation leaks, about the conflict in Libya, about anything that comes out of this White House, I am struck by the comments of the President’s supporters who are spinning his recent decisions.

This President has unilaterally declared war against a foreign country, without giving Congress the respect it deserves, without consulting with them first, but then again, this is the President who insulted the Supreme Court at his State of the Union address. Those that adore him are justifying his behavior, and perhaps his ignorance of proper protocol or perhaps even more distressing, his megalomania.

This very same administration is standing in judgment over the Senators in Wisconsin, for what they say was not adequate notice to them for the vote on whether or not there should be a change in the collective bargaining laws, for not respecting American workers. A judge, who is a Democrat, asked by a Democrat to stay the law voted into place, legitimately, agreed to do it. Should she have been allowed to so obviously show her political bent?

First of all, which is the greater offense, passing a law which couldn’t be passed any other way by a legitimately elected body, because of illegal action by those members of that body who are criticizing the behavior, or involving the entire country in a war without their approval or the approval of their Congress? Only a fool would think that the Wisconsin debacle is worthy of discussion while the White House policies are off limits. Why is our President untouchable when he behaves so pompously, prancing around Latin America and throwing our country into another war, willy nilly, without thoroughly informing the public or their representatives?

Secondly, shame on the media, shame on the politicians for not making even more of a fanfare about this, although thankfully, finally some voices, perhaps too few, are being raised in opposition to his actions; there are some brave souls actually questioning them, even though they run the risk of being called racist, for merely criticizing him, because he is black. We need to deal with the fact that he is unprepared and incompetent and we need to say we are tired of a new crisis everyday. We are tired of always being kept on the edge of our seat while he takes vacations and takes his eye off the ball in the oval office and instead places it on a golf tee.

We are worried about what government will rise up in Libya once Qaddafi is gone; how come we didn’t worry about the government we would have once Bush was gone and an unqualified man stepped into his shoes? Our rules of law seem to have been abandoned by the precedents set by this current administration because it seems to show no respect for them. This President shows he does not respect the police, the military, the Supremes, the GOP, or anyone else who disagrees with him.

When I hear the cries screaming out of my tv, by the rebels in Libya, of Alahu Akbar, it gives  me the creeps, I can’t help it, and it makes me wonder what in G-d’s name are we doing there? These people want to kill us and we are helping them. Pray tell, why? Does this President even understand the difference between a friend or a foe? Is it a humanitarian effort when you arm your enemy.

The phrase the enemy of my enemy is my friend is a proverb that advances the concept that someone who is the enemy of your enemy is therefore your friend. It further means that because two parties have a common enemy, one can use the other to advance their goals. Often described as an Arabic proverb, there is also an identical Chinese proverb.

Is this what our President is thinking? Is he giving more leeway to the proverb by arming one set of our enemies because they are against another set of our enemies?  Wouldn’t we be better off arming our real friends? Yet I seem to remember our esteemed President refusing to send weapons to Israel. What is this President thinking?


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