Michael Moore And Other Things That Go Bump In The Night

When I watch television, lately, I am stunned to see who represents authority. We have Joy Behar, Michael Moore, Roseann, Sandra Bernhard and assorted other comedians and famous personages making statements to incite the public into a chaotic state. Roseanne’s guests were ridiculing Jews. Michael Moore was screaming for people to rise up and get more active. Could they get less active? Union members are shouting like uncivilized beings. Actually people everywhere are shouting. There is no compromise position any longer. There is only my way or the highway. Elections are meaningless. Judges are corrupt activists, siding with their political beliefs rather than the letter of the law. Aren’t there laws to stop people from encouraging violence and/or civil disobedience, as Michael Moore is doing blatantly, as these talking heads with no credentials other than entertainment, are doing. What have we become that we follow fools? Where are the more level-headed citizens? Where are people who act in a professional manner rather than a criminal one? Aren’t there any left? I don’t even recognize America anymore and it scares me.

The Middle East is rising up en masse. It can’t end well. The Islamic radicals see their oportunity to unite those who feel disenfranchised with promises of an eternity filled with virgins. When Jews ridicule Jews there is no hope for Israel and they are rabid in their remarks on cable stations. Obama seemed clear in his disdain for the little, lone democracy in the Middle East and, in his effort to encourage all of the uprisings and the chaos, he has also succeeded in showing that as a man of peace, he is a failure. His Nobel Peace Prize makes a mockery of the whole process as he makes a mockery of the Presidency and America. He supports the invasion of Libya. He calls it a kinetic action. What the “H” is a kinetic action? Then he says Nato is taking over. Are we all morons? Who is at the top of Nato? We are, aren’t we? So, essentially, are we taking over? It is nothing more than doublespeak for the uneducated rabble that seems to support him unconditionally, without thought. Why doesn’t he stop the madness in our own country instead of encouraging civil dissent, as he has been doing with his irresponsible remarks. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. Which side do we listen to?

The media is not covering the news that it should. It is not showing his inadequacy and his inconsistency or his inability to respond to the exigencies of the day-to-day operation of the White House. It whitewashes everything he says and does, and then spins and spins and spins the tallest yarns. I am nothing, if I am not dizzy.

We must all be more careful about what we wish for, we might get it.


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2 Responses to Michael Moore And Other Things That Go Bump In The Night

  1. JoAnn says:

    Did you see Ostupid being interviewed by Brian Williams the other night? Williams just sat there nodding his head as our esteemed (NOT!) leader pontificated/lied/campaigned. What a crock!

  2. omasvoice says:

    I did see it. We have a corrupt media and it is a sad commentary on our way of life.
    After we see what the encouragement of civil unrest has wrought all over the globe, how can anyone even give credence to the thoughts of a Michael Moore, the quintessential hypocrite? He laughs all the way to the bank.

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