I Wonder Why Penguins Can’t Fly, Pat Jacobs

This thin little book packs a big punch. Although it is recommended for K-3rd grade, I did find that some of the concepts would be way beyond the level of a five year old. Some actually confounded me, like why are there 4 poles on Earth? I am still not sure.
The thing of it is, in the right hands, this book can give the child’s curiosity a gift. If it can be aroused with the help of a supervising adult, a true interest in science can grow from the “I Wonder Why” series.
The pages are filled with information, in some cases far too much for a 5 year old and in some cases a bit scary for a five year old. The sight of a large bird carrying off a smaller live one to be eaten by its young, can be more information than is necessary for a young reader. However, an older reader can be inspired to do further research to learn about the concepts that are introduced and perhaps not fully understood. These books can develop a thirst for knowledge in the right readers of any age.
A young reader definitely needs to be supervised since the concepts used in the book, would necessitate it for most. An older reader should also devour this book with an adult who can answer any questions that might arise. As I said, it is filled with information that is introductory and begs to be explored.
I found the arrangement of information on the page somewhat disconcerting, but the illustrations were excellent. It can be a wonderful educational tool from which to branch out to wider horizons.


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