The New Reality

Lately, there are times when I feel as if the world is in a downward spiral, out of control. The whole world either resents us for our success or gleefully watches as the country experiences a loss of  respect and power. Superpower is a word with little meaning when it is juxtaposed with the United States. Where we once stood tall and majestic, in the face of any turmoil or tragic circumstances, because we were a proud and strong country, we now tremble in the face of any emergency that arises while the President does what he does best…he contemplates. He is a man who springs to action, a day late and a dollar short. He takes one step forward and two steps back. He accepts no responsibility and seeks to place blame on any shoulder he can find.

Our country is dominated by people with their hands out and he, rather than encourage upward mobility and independence, throws bones at them to keep them in subjugation. He is tearing us apart, bringing the country to its knees and there is nothing being done about it. The media watches, not in disbelief but in a suspension of disbelief so as to encourage the success of his failure. Does that sound like an oxymoron? Well, that is what it is! We are living in a time when our reality is a fantasy. When the President’s failures are touted as successes and he is allowed to alter the truth and alter our reality, what recourse is there for intelligent people who see that the emperor is naked?

In 2012, there is not even going to be a viable candidate to oppose the man who sits in the oval office now, the man who is ill equipped for the job he has taken on and who is making the United States a third world country, marching it, lockstep, in the direction of the European countries that have failed. When you reward mediocrity as you ridicule success, what else is left? There is nothing but hypocrisy. Every time this administration does something ludicrous, it is publicized as brilliant. Is politics so important to the liberal media that they would see the country destroyed rather than deal with facts and truth and authenticity? I am appalled at the words that are spoken and printed in defense of the reprehensible behavior of the liberal Democrats in this country while at the same time the more conservative of us are being bullied. No wonder our youth is so poorly behaved.No wonder they choose to end their lives rather than live in a hopeless world. Look at the example they have to follow…actually, they have no example to follow and we all learn by example.

Barack Obama was supposed to be the great hope for mankind and he has turned into the worst nightmare. During his years in office, our debt has grown beyond our comprehension, our prestige has diminished beyond belief and our population has become more diverse and illegal while at the same time it has become more and more uneducated and unable to compete with the rest of the world. And…why not? Why work hard when you can get by and subsist fairly well with the government handouts? We are a country of lazy, selfish miscreants because there is no longer any reward for goodness and effort. We are all being classified as the same…good and bad in the same pot, smart and not so smart in the same group, success is evil and failure is admired. When will we wake up and put a stop to the madness?

I fear four more years of Obama and worse than that, I fear that after that, we may have four more years of Michelle Obama. If it wasn’t the time for a white, female, it may surely be the time for a black, female. If Obama is successful in casting blame and creating guilt for anything resembling hard work and achievement, my nightmare will be realized. It may be the perfect storm and a storm leaves disaster in its wake.

In the White House, we have a “Bully In Chief”! No wonder bullying has become such a widespread problem in this country. Look who is leading it! The man who said, basically, “tough, we won”! Is that any way to represent the electorate?


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