So how do the liberals feel about Bush’s Patriot Act now?

Obama campaigned against President Bush and his military strategy. His extreme left followers took to the streets and marched against Bush and staged camp-outs at his ranch. Cindy Sheehan figured prominently into this Democrat strategy to make anything related to the Bush administration a huge negative for anyone running for the Presidency in 2008. Now, however, it is pretty obvious, although the liberals will attempt to dissemble, to say there is no proof that enhanced interrogation was used on these people who provided the information during the Bush administration (it should be noted, not during Obama’s administration), but, if it were not for Bush/Cheney, Osama would never have been caught! There is proof that wiretapping was a major reason he was caught, as well. He turned on his cell phone and through a lucky stroke of luck regarding timing, it just happened to occur during Obama’s adminstration, an administration against wire-tapping and Gitmo, and enhanced interrogation.

Isn’t it odd that nowhere else but in politics could a failure suddenly become a success based on one action for which all he had to do was say okay, go ahead? The hard work was done by the military and the CIA and the former administration. Can you imagine failing several tests and then finding out that because you passed one, you achieved an A grade? You know it would never happen, so how can it happen to Obama, now? How can Americans be so blind, so foolish, that they give him credit for being wonderful in his fight against terror. How can they forget all of the attempts that strokes of luck simply prevented? I suppose it is better that they killed Osama, in what appears to be cold blood…since they say he was unarmed. If he had lived, Obama’s Attorney General, Holder, would have wanted to bring him to justice in NYC!

These same people who demonstrated against Gitmo, Abu Graib and enhanced interrogation are dancing in the street because we killed Osama, in cold blood along with his wife and others. These same people are overjoyed that Quaddafi’s son and grandsons were killed. What did the grandsons do to deserve death? They managed to be under Obama’s aegis, so they don’t deserve due process. Those rules only applied under Bush, I guess, because it served their political purpose and was expedient!

No one else apparently deserves a trial or human rights…because now we are working under the jurisdiction of the liberals and Obama, and they apparently are hypocrites with rules for themselves that are radically different than the rules they make for the GOP!

We didn’t like seeing the Muslims dancing in the street after 9/11 so how do you think the muslims will like seeing us doing the same thing? Boy have we become a culture of people who say “do as I say, not as I do!”


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