Devil’s Corner, Lisa Scottoline

I listened to the audio version of this book which had only about 6 hours of dialogue. Most of the characters are men, although the main character is a woman. The reader was a woman who did not do different voices all that well. Some of the intonations felt almost like parodies of the characters. A male voice might have made the story more powerful just because of the timbre of his voice.
The story line itself, was interesting. It began with the unexpected murder of a witness in what was thought to be a very simple case which would be resolved quickly. Instead, when a policeman is murdered, it develops into a complicated mystery with many underlying themes such as drug dealing and murder for hire. The novel has romance, excitement, suspense, corrupt cops, racial issues and more. It is not rocket science, and might be better as a beach read but it kept us up and engaged while we drove along. If the reader was better, it would have been much more entertaining.


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One Response to Devil’s Corner, Lisa Scottoline

  1. JoAnn says:

    I would rather have an an audio just “read” to me….I do not really like “voices”. I do not hear voices when I read a book.

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