Why The Sudden Moral Furor?

We have had many notable unethical members of government in the past. Most resigned immediately without too much fanfare. Spitzer walked away and survived to become a talk show host. He is good in the position, although I often refuse to watch him, not wanting to reward him in any way, for his abysmal behavior toward his wife, his family and it of course reflected on his constituents too, the people of NYC.

It almost seems as if Democrats more easily forgive lapses of morality, especially when one checks historic elections or support for such as Marion Barry, Robert Byrd, Charlie Rangel, Buddy Cianci, John Edwards, Bill Clinton. However, it may be, because the GOP has more assiduously policed their own, after the fact, rather than because they are more ethical. For the most part, the public is willing to forgive and forget.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall. The louder presence they had, the more arrogant, leads to more joyful dancing on their graves.  Arnold Schwarzennegger’s fall from grace is particularly notable because of its cover-up, and one has to wonder which party was responsible, since his wife, Maria Shriver, is an influential Democrat from the Kennedy background. However, I may be pushing here, looking for an answer that is not available. I can’t help wondering if the particular ferocity with which Spitzer and Weiner were attacked has something to do with their backgrounds. Is it possible that is also the case with Tiger Woods. Are these people of a class that society thinks must be above the fray or perhaps must try harder, be better, and so judges their failures with more scrutiny and less true forgiveness. Are these people already behind the eight ball before their atrocious moral failures.

I am simply struck by the furor and/or fervor of the media, when our heroes fall and/or fail. Tiger Woods was crucified…a former darling of their world, they turned on him with ferocious glee. They did the same to Spitzer and now Anthony Weiner, among others…my theory falls apart when I think of Charlie Rangel, William Jefferson and Marion Barry, and Alcee Hastings who were definitely given a greater pass by the media then their Jewish Brethren. Just look at the examples of Abramoff and the American Indian scandal, Madoff and the financial scandal or do I feel it more because of my own personal background? There are so many questions without answers these days.


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