Fact Checking Or Witch Hunting Or Where Have All The Thinking People Gone?

I find myself confused, or perhaps angry is the better description, by the way the media is covering Obama. The general, liberal public is ignoring the bias. He has made serious mistakes when speaking extemporaneously. If George Bush had made the same mistakes, he would have been excoriated, and, in fact, he was; for making the mistake of calling cyberspace, “the internets“, the media crawled all over him. Now, just the other day, Obama referred to the internets, and nary a word has been heard. How do you explain this to thinking people?
Where are the thinking people? What is the reason for this bias? Isn’t the fourth estate supposed to protect us by presenting the truth in a fair and unbiased way? What happened to journalism? How did it get hijacked by one political party? How can that political party tolerate such behavior just because it is on their side? How can they be so unethical?
When Obama referred to our country having 57 states, hardly a whimper went round the print world. When he wrongly named the first soldier given the Medal of Honor while still alive, just this last month, not a peep was heard from the media watchdogs. Yet, they attacked Michele Bachmann for her misstatements and subpenaed Sarah Palin’s emails looking for dirt. This double standard makes America ugly.
Where are the fact checkers for Obama? Why are they not doing their job properly? Who are these fact checkers? Do they have an agenda too? Has the left purchased their support, somehow, or is there a parent company behind some of them that represents the left, so that they are really funded by them and working for them?
Is there an honest liberal out there willing to admit and recognize this problem, now, especially since the same silly mistake was made by the supposed “genius” in chief, as the one made by the President they called a bumbling idiot? Actually, the liberals and the media called him many names and no one objected. What a difference now! Forget name calling, just speak the truth about Obama and if it isn’t something they agree with, they call you a racist! So, when they refer to Romney’s religion as an issue, are they going to be called bigots? Probably not because those people saying that are liberals, and they are not held to the same standards, by the media, as conservatives.
I always said, God Bless America, but now I say God help America!


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One Response to Fact Checking Or Witch Hunting Or Where Have All The Thinking People Gone?

  1. JoAnn says:

    It truly is a depressing state of affairs. There is NO honesty. As far as the ethics of the party, all they want to do is win, ethics be damned!

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