This Is A Man Out Of Touch With Reality

Moody’s wants to downgrade our debt, raising our costs, countries everywhere are having major financial woes and Obama wants more money to put his face in front of the cameras. It is the height of narcissism.

Perhaps, all of this money the Democrats are so eager to raise and so able to raise, should be donated to pay off the national debt instead; that is, if there is so much to go around wouldn’t that money be better spent elsewhere, like saving the countries financial system, like paying their fair share in, instead of asking others to bail them out.

This disgusts me! All of these liberals crying that we can’t cut social programs, who want to raise taxes on the rich , but not themselves, are willing to throw money at a man who is on stage every single day. All of the union money that flows to him, whether or not the member wants it to, should be outlawed! It is the height of arrogance and hubris.

(By the way, Buffett, Gates, Murdoch, all pay the same amount of taxes as someone earning $250,000/year, actually maybe even less, with all of their high priced financial advisors; it is easy for them to say they should pay more, but don’t put others in the same group as the superrich! This is America. The American Dream is to become wealthy but Obama wants to kill the American Dream.)


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