Obama Storms Out-Is This A President Or A Spoiled Child?

I am not sure if there was ever a President more in love with his own ideas, a President with such a strong ego or so self-centered that he could not rise above his own need for recognition, for the good of the country. This is a man who thinks he can remake America into a Socialist country, single-handedly,  and then if he gets his wish we, too, can fail like the other European countries who have gone down that same garden path, who have followed that same ideology, to a path of destruction.

He says he doesn’t care if it brings down his Presidency; he will not yield on certain budget issues in these debt-ceiling discussions. What he is really saying is he doesn’t care if he brings down the country! He is acting like a child, not the head of the United States, not the Commander In Chief, but like a small child who cannot get his way; so he goes and has a tantrum and storms out. Then when he still can’t get his way with those shenanigans, he goes and calls those who won’t give him his way some choice names, and then he just does as he pleases, anyway, and has his staff of lawyers contend that it is legal, as he signs executive order after executive order on contentious issues, bypassing Congress.

He, too, can be brought up on charges. We do not have a dictator in the United States. We elect a leader who is supposed to represent our interests, all of our interests, not just those of his own party, but he is even more reprehensible because he simply represents his own interests, to the exclusion of all others.

He is supposed to lead, not command his constituents. The only constituents he can command are those in the armed forces when our national security is at stake, and in that vein, he seems to be overextending them, sending them all over the world, costing us a small fortune and oddly enough, those democrats who were against it when George Bush was in office, are completely silent giving truth to their lies with a complicit media that is also strangely silent.

One might think that this President is Hell-bent on destroying America when all of his actions are measured against the actions of other Presidents. His policies are bankrupting us and he is busy blaming others, fundraising and campaigning. Talk about a hypocrite! He is the Hypocrite In Chief. His motto appears to be “do as I say, not as I do!” And they said the Senior Bush was out of touch! History will have a lot to say about this President and it won’t just be that he achieved success by becoming the first Black President outspending all other Presidents to do it, it will say this highly inexperienced, unqualified and unprepared-for-the-job candidate, and his party, bought the Presidency and then proceeded to destroy it in the name of politics instead in the name of the United States. Oh yes, the chickens have come home to roost! But why have they come home? Is it to bring about our downfall?


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