Hmm, How Is Hope And Change Working Out? (Or, Where Was The Common Sense Of The Americans Who Simply Voted For Change And Put Someone Incompetent Into The White House?)

It sure seems like all the promises of hope and change have dissipated. Everyone who voted for a change, simply for the sake of change must be very disappointed as all their dreams disappeared into thin air. Obama’s stash didn’t seem to help them, his dreams for America turned into nightmares. Where do we go from here? Well, the consensus says that his staunch supporters will still support him even as he takes America down. I am at a loss to understand that mentality and I really wish someone could explain why anyone, regardless of political affiliation, would sacrifice the entire country for their own stubborn ideology. Perhaps it would be better to vote for the other side and at least have a country rather than none at all???

We are watching a disaster in motion. He is not leading because he has no idea how to lead. The party, ruled by Pelosi, led in the first two years. When she was forced out by the GOP win, the loss of her influence on him made him even more impotent. At least with her, I may not have agreed with policy, but I felt that someone was actually in charge. With Obama at the helm, pretty much alone, albeit with his far left advisors, he has few checks and balances other than his own opinions. He is interested in two things, apparently, first and foremost…his golf game and his birthday bash, insofar as it is a fundraiser, because that is what he is, a fundraiser, an organizer of the first order, but a President…uhuh, not good at that job.

For the first time in history, our credit rating has been downgraded, in spite of his promises that if we raised the deficit and gave him stimulus we would be better off. All he did was put us deeper into the hole and the problems still exist. Our stock market is crashing, we have turned definitions on their ears refusing to punish criminals, like illegal aliens, or Mexican drug lords and instead are complicit with them. All of the countries around the world seem to be turning against us; our allies and our enemies alike have raised the bar regarding our relationships. He has made all of the wrong decisions diplomatically too. Yet there is no outcry. Isn’t there anyone out there who notices that we are upside down?

When do the people wake up, wise up, and throw him out of the oval office. I fear they won’t. There is too much ridiculous fear of being politically incorrect, of being unjustly called a racist. When men like Al Sharpton become spokesmen on our news programs, we are in a lot of trouble. He sure isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack! Ah, but he is a great rabble-rouser! What else could we possible need for an advisor of sorts for Obama than a cohort? When Debbie Wasserman Schultz becomes the attack dog for the Democrats, I become ashamed of being a fellow Jew.

We need to put someone in the White House who can steer this country in another direction, who can really help, who will not try to force his agenda down the throats of the American people, not try to create his own idea of utopia which is more dystopian, not fiddle while Rome burns. People accused Bush and some other conservatives of being too religious because they talked to G-d. This man, Obama, he actually believes that he is G-d. Yet there is nary a cry of protest. Are they all hypnotized? Have they become Zombies who can no longer think for themselves because they simply want a nanny state to take care of them. Have Americans lost their drive to succeed and excel because it has become too easy to simply take advantage of the system and have an easy life. Remember guys, that man in the White House who tells you to pull in your belt, he has been letting his out with gusto! It is the people like him who will be on top while you little guys, you will remain on the bottom and won’t you be happy because you will have so much company! You will bring down almost everyone else as you support him. The gap between the rich, middle class and poor will be even greater…there will be rich, yes, entertainers, athletes and politicians, there will be no middle class, only the working poor who will be left to climb all over each other because they asked for it and they got it! They will have no identity. America will be one huge concentration camp. However, don’t fear…Obama, the father, will be above us all, smiling and gazing down on us in all his beneficence.
Paranoia does not a good ruler make! It makes for an accident waiting to happen and the accident just might have a terribly tragic ending for the United States and its citizens.

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3 Responses to Hmm, How Is Hope And Change Working Out? (Or, Where Was The Common Sense Of The Americans Who Simply Voted For Change And Put Someone Incompetent Into The White House?)

  1. JoAnn says:

    If only someone in power, even a journalist, would have the nerve to publicly say what you did. I have never been so scared about our future.

  2. omasvoice says:

    Sometimes I think I should make my remarks public so there would at least be a dialogue on these issues, but then I think that there are too many people out there who don’t know how to discuss. They only know how to argue. They don’t understand, you can argue with opinion but not with facts, unless you are a liberal, then you just say: “I don’t believe it”, and the discussion ends and becomes fractious.
    Anyway, I am not on facebook or twitter so it would be hard to get a more public exposure .

  3. JoAnn says:

    They don’t understand, you can argue with opinion but not with facts, unless you are a liberal, then you just say, I don’t believe it and the discussion ends and becomes fractious.

    AMEN. I have given up trying to reason with these people. SAD

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