Crying In My Beer

Well, I sit here crying in my beer, figuratively, not literally. I don’t drink. I am a teetotaler, however, if I did drink I would be crying in my beer or something stronger as I watch the stock market collapse and the world powers that are not interested in Democratic ideals or capitalism, dance on the grave of the United States.

It is all over but the shouting, the fat lady is singing her song. It isn’t the song or the victory we hoped for, instead, it seems it could be the demise of our way of life, the demise of capitalism. Oddly, many people said that it was the original ultimate goal of Obama, and they were mocked, called racists because those name-callers knew that moniker would be abhored by all and would shame those they pointed fingers at, and they would have to stop theorizing in the interest of political correctness, rather than honor and truth.

In the end, it wasn’t racism, it was prescience, wasn’t it? Perhaps it was his ultimate goal, perhaps not, whatever the purpose of his Presidency, he has accomplished it sooner than he planned. We certainly are experiencing change…if not hope. Hope has flown the coop.


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