Perception Is Everything And This Is Mine

All the doom and gloom has painted a picture far worse than the one we found ourselves in with the S&P downgrade, but the results are still the same, regardless of the reality. Perception is what rules this world.

One would think they were the President of the United States, so powerful and devastating was the judgment of a few men who have no power other than ratings and yet…what a power it turned out to be! All this grandstanding by all these men with clay feet so they could have their fifteen minutes of fame with all the arrogance and pompousness that accompanies it, has brought down America and the chief of the arrogance is the party of the Democrat.

In spite of all the warnings about spending, in spite of the knowledge that socialism brings a country down, they followed the Socialist In Chief, in the office of the President, and spent their way into this abyss, regardless of the consequences, though the coffers were empty. They wanted to win an election and they understood that the haves were outnumbered by the have-nots and so they encouraged the have-nots to want what the haves had, knowing that there wasn’t enough of the haves to even grant these have-nots their wishes, but also knowing that numbers count and they had the numbers. Therein lies the flaw…any excuse they have for not understanding what the numbers would do to this country in dollars and cents, flies in the face of truth. They know all there is about number. Every poll they followed is proof positive of that truth. They operated on the theory that they were right, right or wrong, and boy were they ever wrong.

Instead of introducing change that would produce jobs, create independence and security, they spent their way into oblivion creating a nanny state with people clamoring for anything they could get for free, for after all, aren’t they entitled, isn’t that what hope is all about, aren’t they entitled to the money others earned while they protested? Aren’t they entitled to the sweat of your toil because they are the meek who will eventually inherit the earth by sapping the very strength out of the economy of the greatest country in the world?

Why do all the people who have worked all these years have to suffer along with these lazy, rabble-rousers, these liberals who think we can just print money with no ramificatons and think they can get away with blaming it on past administrations ad infinitum because their constituents are either too stupid to realize what they are doing or they are simply too good at one they are doing, deceiving the public, for once again, perception is key.

These union organizers and community organizers who incite the public merely to continue their own employment in much the same way as the politicians, these masses who think they should pay no taxes, hide their income in any way they can, while you foot the bill (we all know these scofflaws clawing at your cash while they hide their own because, once again, aren’t they entitled?), they know that those carrying the burden do not have the numbers to capture the votes, so instead of worrying about the bottom line of the country, they spouted dogma, touted religion and faith, ignored the signs of decline to further their own ends, and instead of assuming responsibility for their actions, all of these people sought only to maintain their own status quo.

They all brought the country down, but the White House is the main culprit. To put someone into the most powerful office of the greatest country in the world, who is unprepared and unqualified was the mistake that started the snowball rolling, was the first domino to send the others falling…and that responsibility rests on the party in power, the Democrats. All their screams of denial cannot deny that fact. The buck stops there and it is this White House that has caused it all. Oh yes, he wanted to be FDR and he sure created the atmosphere of FDR! FDR was later exposed to be the hypocrite and bigot he was. What character flaws will the exposure of Obama display? Does it matter? It may be way too late to fix our problems. The genie is out of the bottle and doesn’t want to go back inside. Chaos reigns.

All those who voted for change, a nebulous term, meaningless in its essence, brought the country down. They were acting out a fantasy and it turned into this nightmare The fantasy is over. America has died. G-d willing she will rest in peace because who knows what further ambitions other countries out there are conjuring up. Already, Europe wants to change the world currency to the Euro, Putin is blaming every ill in the world on the United States, China is sitting quietly waiting to pounce, Iran is developing the bomb, the Middle East is in turmoil and through all this Obama cheered them on…cheered on the debacle in waiting. People were behaving like children, spurred on by the community organizers from which he descends, taking to the streets and at first, wasn’t it fun, wasn’t it just too idealistic? No one ever stopped to think about the ultimate ramifications of their behavior. No one cared. Self interest was supreme and this is what comes of self-interest, of an inability to see that you must contribute in a society for that society to succeed, to take from that society merely depletes the coffers and that is what has happened. Well, the poor will still be poor, maybe even poorer because there will now be even fewer rich, some will actually join the ranks of those poor.

The marchers will flourish, protesters will flood the streets, flash mobs will increase, as our view of our world quite possibly morphs into the science fiction novels our young have become so accustomed to, in which governments are always evil and the people always oppressed, in which supernatural beings rule the environs while the humans cower until suddenly someone offering hope and change comes riding in, and lo and behold, all is right with the world. Well Obama, saddle up or get out of the way, because the world needs a superhero. The lawlessness encouraged by the President, who ridiculed the police and the armed forces will increase and he will watch as Rome burns while he fiddles. Oh yes, Reverend Wright, the chickens have come home to roost, brought there by your protege and his lemmings!


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