America, you made a gross error thinking you could vote for the intangible. Hope is not tangible. You can’t take it to the bank, you can’t buy groceries with it or pay your mortgage with it. Change is not tangible, unless it is coins. Change can’t be used to pay for your education, it can’t be used to pay for your health care or your car insurance.

Ladies and gentlemen, the jury is in, Obama has failed. Oh, he can continue to blame everyone else, but the buck stops where he sits and boy did he lay an egg. However, America, you sat on the egg with him. You let him lead you down the path to destruction. You believed in his sermons rather than in his deeds. He never accomplished much in his short career, other than with his mouth. He learned how to fire people up and get them to rally round his cause and make them actually believe that his cause was right. He learned how to create chaos and light a fire under the masses to get them to support him, and now with his rhetoric of constant class warfare, he may actually spark some kind of a revolution. Let’s hope it is peaceful. Right now, the policies he loves, are sparking uprisings all over the world. Pray it doesn’t spread here. We are already in the pits…how much further can we sink? I think we have a long way to go if we don’t make some much needed changes in our approach to government, and change what it is responsible for regarding its constituents, left and right. Now that would be a good change to hope for, don’t you think, in light of the current events?

Oh, these clever men and women who are in charge will claim they never saw what ordinary men and women saw coming. We saw the decline coming. We saw that the foreign governments were waiting for us to fall too. Misery loves company. Meanwhile, China, Iran and Russia wait in the wings to pounce because they don’t have to answer to anyone but themselves. We poor schnooks actually think we have power and that our demonstrations mean something. Have you looked at the demonstrators lately? Would you sit next to them on a bus? Would you walk on the same side of the street as they do? They are scary. They are unkempt. They are rabble-rousers, probably paid for by some professional community organizers.

Yes, America, you voted for the intangible and now comes the rude awakening, you can’t hold onto it, it has no substance, it failed.


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