Short and Sweet, Spin is the Main Event

Solyndra is a scandal of major proportions, not being adequately covered by the mainstream media. Hmmm, I wonder why? Words are being parsed, of course the specter of the Bush administration*** is being raised and Obama is being exonerated from any wrongdoing. It must be because it sure puts the Obama Presidency into a rather negative light. Were there secret agendas? Were there payoffs? Perhaps it was simply that this man, well-intentioned as he may have been, or still is, was grossly unprepared for the job and foolishly ran for the Presidency when it was obvious it was going to be over his head, to anyone who seriously gave it thought. However, the Democrats wanted a win at all costs and America is paying for it, big time, in so many ways

This article, from the Huffington Post, discusses the President’s attitude about Solyndra and its failure. It is indicative of the atmosphere surrounding its eventual failed funding. Many people warned the White House of Solyndra’s weakness. Therefore, President Obama’s protestations about hindsight being 20/20 might be innocence protesting too much. Perhaps it was not hindsight but foresight which should have been 20/20. The writing was on the wall and completely ignored for political capital.

From this NPR piece, one can see that the President marched lockstep to Solyndra, touting its prosperous future, well aware that it might fail big time.

No matter who wrote the story, it warrants further investigation.  We have a President who seems to be doing as he pleases, who seems to think his power extends beyond that of any other President working toward a political agenda, a President who has convenient excuses for everything and casually dismisses all criticism and concern with a wave of his hand and a glib remark.

***Although there have been attempts to implicate the former administration, they had reservations about it and they did not approve the loan; only this Obama administration did.


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