The Demons On The Left

Masquerading as do-gooders, the left has hijacked the media, the current movement of socialists and the bully pulpit. Everywhere I look, everything I hear, calls the GOP, the conservatives, the Republicans, the far right, anyone who favors the opposite of the progressive point of view, names beyond the pale. They are terrorists although they commit no violence. They are out of step although they are actually constitutionalists, they are name-callers although they are the ones being called names. When does America wake up? Everywhere else in the world the slackers are being called to task. Elections are being won by conservatives who want to stop the wave of liberalism which has brought their countries to its feet. Yet, in America, led by a President who presented himself as the great “uniter” but has turned into the greatest divider who ever lived, the losers are lauded, applauded and rewarded! I keep thinking I am living in a funny farm, and it is a nightmare I will soon awake from, but it keeps on going and going.

Why is there such a disconnect and why are the disconnected the ones with the power? Have Americans actually lost the meaning of what it means to be an American and live in a country that is free? Are they no longer able to understand the right of everyone to dissent, without being labeled with despicable monikers: “turkeys” ala Rahm Emanuel, of the Democrats, terrorists ala others of that party, and the unions, that have branded the right as those who belong in Hell? How do they get away with it? Is it because those on the right are so much more civilized and believe in the rule of law while those on  the left believe in anarchy and chaos?  I heard a discussion on MSNBC, which can easily be called the media arm of the Democrats, about the Republican party and I was aghast. It was the pot calling the kettle black. They actually wanted to know how the far right could not embrace the Occupiers, and of course, to make sure the nasty picture was really driven home, they reminded everyone of Nixon and the days of the “silent majority” which “demonized” the hippies. They actually voiced a thought I have voiced recently, but from the opposite point of view: is this America, is there someplace else to go if this party continues to take over? Only they were talking about the right and I am talking about the left. Are we all so blind to what is happening? Is this the America we want? Do we want a President who does not want to represent all of us, but basically says “too bad, I won” like a child who will now simply go about getting his way, willy nilly, stretching the rules, just to puff himself up, who doesn’t understand the first thing about how he is destroying the country in the eyes of most of the world? The left does not even want to hear what the hard working people have to say. They only want to support the lazy, the unfit, the so-called “hippie occupiers”. To my memory, the hippies were not exactly a group to be remembered with honor. They brought about Woodstock, the era of drugs and immorality with free love on every corner, teen pregnancies out of control, murder at Kent State and many other sad commentaries on our way of life. What good did that movement do? It dumbed down our country, our education, our environment. It insisted that anything goes and when anything goes, everything goes!

The left is angry because the right has labeled Obama as the creator of this Occupy movement, the Arab Spring, etc. all with unintended consequences. If the shoe fits, Obama has to wear it. The left is blinded by their hypocrisy and foolish loyalty to a party gone mad with stupidity and rhetoric. They actually haul out representatives that have clay feet, to prove how right they are…like Sharpton, Kerry, Waters, Pelosi, all people who themselves have committed abuses worthy of shame but that have never been covered adequately because the fourth estate has lost its way and is also an arm of the left and is so totally biased that all they dispense is propaganda.

Yet, the right has done nothing to glorify themselves when the moment appeared. It is an election for them to lose and all they do is eat their young, destroy their own candidates. They appear to have no plan, no idea of how to fight the hydra called the Democrats. Who would run for office in this country without a skin thick enough to shun the slings and arrows tossed at them, regardless of their truth? Will it be the most qualified or the one best able to shield himself/herself, the one who may very well be a sociopath, the damage inflicted can be so great and the risk so awful, they must have some psychological defect or strength to endure.

Yet, perhaps, if nothing else, the right has exposed the despicable behavior of the extreme left; now if only they could get the coverage and gain momentum. The left is the party of heightened nasty rhetoric, as their head, Obama, calls for a lessening of hostile remarks, and then he himself ratchets it up and resorts to the sarcasm and criticisms he often uses while he smiles, in that condescending way, instructing us all to do as he says, not as he does. Our way of life, the life we love, our upwardly mobile society, our freedoms are all being slowly destroyed.

Even now, as President Obama usurps power from every corner, there is no outcry as there was when President Bush was in office and yet, he only tried to protect us and Obama is trying to destroy us, making friends of our enemies and enemies of our friends. That means, we will only have enemies left. That means America will not be able to withstand the slings and arrows thrown her way, that means the America we know and love, the haven for the masses, the hope of the lost, the place everyone hopes to come for a better life, may simply disappear.

Why aren’t those on the right fighting back? Why is there no movement to combat the falsehoods spewing from the mouths of liberal democrats, progressives, who want to take us down the path of Europe to failure? Why can’t they take over a small part of the bully pulpit? We are failing to get the opposite message across: the one about honor, morality, ethics, rule of law, capitalism, rather than chaos, anarchy, socialism.


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