The Postcard Killers, James Patterson

As murder mysteries go, this was a good one. For a long car journey, the audio was perfect. There were three readers which greatly enhanced the performance and made the characters easy to recognize after they were introduced; the voices and accents were specific to each and remained consistent throughout. The plot twisted and turned, often changing directions making you constantly wonder if the murderers would be found or if the mystery would ever be solved. Actually, at one point, I thought for sure it would be a cliff hanger with another book waiting in the wings to tie up all the loose ends. There were many surprising scenes to keep you engaged and involved in the narrative.

Macabre murders were taking place in cities around Europe. One of the brutally murdered victims was the daughter of a Brooklyn detective. Disappointed with the pace of the investigation, he has traveled to Europe going from locale to locale as victims are found. He has been following the various detective teams, checking on their progress and offering his help. He is obsessed with bringing her killers to justice. In the process, a romance develops between himself and a journalist. Apart from the silly sex scenes which add absolutely nothing to the story, this theme helps move the story along creatively. One thing is for sure, this book will keep you thoroughly engaged, alert and awake. Be aware, though, it may also alter your dreams since the subject matter is violent and the descriptions are often bizarre.


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