A Running List Of The Consequences of Obama’s Leadership

1-China’s navy is being prepped for battle in response to US actions in the South China Sea.

2-Iran is threatening to close the Strait of Hormuz.

3-Iran basically laughs at the US for requesting the return of its top secret drone, the loss of which is devastating.

4-Instead of falling, health care costs are rising, partly due to Obamacare.

5-The Arab Spring, encouraged by Obama, had brought about the rise of extremists as it toppled tyrants, throwing the countries from the frying pan, possibly into the fire and causing further Middle East unrest.

6-Anti-Israel sentiment is increasing, partially instigated by remarks emanating from this administration disparaging Israel, which obviously come from the top while hiding behind underling spokespersons it pretends to have done more for Israel than any other President, even though this one has neither visited Israel or shown respect for its leader.

7-Obama has supported our enemies and, in many cases he has shown disrespect to our allies in the process.

8-The political climate in the US has encouraged Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, to request international recognition of statehood for his people, even as they still support the destruction of Israel. Our ally, France, defied Obama and supported the Palestinians in their bid to bring the request to the UN.

9-Obama’s remarks, policies and appointments to various posts, czars among them, have a decidedly anti-American feel to them.

10-The quick exit from Iraq, which follows the President’s desire to make a political, campaign move, has endangered our soldiers everywhere as one captured enemy, in particular, suspected of murdering four Americans, has been released into Iraqi custody and will receive a slap on the wrist and return to his former ways of hate. .

11-He has abused the powers of the Presidency and trashed the constitution with his executive orders. He believes he is smarter than everyone else, skirts around the rules and mocks our very way of life by searching for loopholes to achieve his goals, regardless of whether they are good for the country. He simply does what it is good for himself. America will not be recognizable if he wins the next election.

12-Obama may have done a humanitarian thing by rescuing the Iranian fisherman but he would have done a smarter thing if he used them as leverage, accused them of being spies as Iran so often does with Americans and then obtained the release or pardon of those they have accused and arrested, (one now sentenced to death), perhaps even demanding reparations in exchange or perhaps demanding the release of the woman they intend to execute because she has been convicted of adultery. Obama has done something self-serving, once again. He has not improved our relationship with Iran since he has taken office, he has made it worse. Iran is shaking a fist at us and has no fear of America any longer, nor do many other of our enemies. So far, the only countries questioning our allegiance are our friends! Can they count on us?



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