2012 Election

As the 2012 election campaign heats up, I find myself astonished by the hypocrisy of the “talking heads” and the main street media on the left, although I am not naive and have witnessed the growth of entertainment news which passes for absolute facts for so many Americans who do not take the time or trouble to educate themselves, and check out the information these hacks are disseminating. I am sick of hearing them dissect each candidate regarding their past experience when Obama came to the office with absolutely no experience, no track record and no documents to prove he had accomplished anything in the past, not the issue with his birth certificate, but his school records, published papers when he was President of Law Review, accomplishments in the Senate, etc. There was absolutely no record to refute and that was what got him elected.

The only issues raised during the 2008 election were his race or lack of, since any comments about Obama were portrayed as acts of racism and his socialist views which were adamantly denied and mocked as foolishness by the left, turned out, in fact, to be more true than not since he is a follower of Alinsky and is far more a Socialist than anything else in his beliefs and behavior. He is a believer in redistribution of wealth, rather than the creation of it. Capitalism does not seem to be on his front burner from what we have learned about him during the years he has held office. Further, his real image and his real acts in office have been largely hidden and covered up, in direct opposition to his platform of transparency. He does not believe the American public is smart enough to understand his motives or his efforts. Perhaps the American public is not, since many are still enamored with a man who prefers them blindfolded.

On the right, I am equally disgusted with the effort to elect someone based simply on their religious beliefs…whether or not they are good Christians should have no effect on a Presidential election. It seems to be such an obvious political ploy by the evangelicals to take the vote from Romney, a Mormon, and it seems to be so biased to those of us who are non-christians, that I fear they may actually have provided Obama with the ammunition he needs to win. The right is eating their young. Instead of attacking Obama, they are attacking Romney because he is the front runner. Gingrich’s ads show how unfit he himself is to be President since he is fixated on vengeance, not truth. He is deliberately allowing these lies to be circulated about Romney, by his spokesmen. He is the pot calling the kettle black requesting Romney refute the ads about him while he can’t get his own super PACs to refute the lies about Romney.

Santorum is running as a Christian, more than as a qualified candidate. If you are neither a Christian or a Socialist, certainly not a racist, what avenue does this election provide you? The far right, the Christian right, has thrown a monkey wrench into the election by dividing the electorate with such a distasteful tool. Using religion as a wedge is absolutely anathema to most people. What choice is there for someone who does not align themselves with the main descriptive features of the candidates? I am neither a Christian or a Socialist or a racist.

Quite honestly, I can’t imagine how capitalism or America will survive under Obama’s leadership for another four years. I can also not imagine it under Santorum who wants America to follow his Christian beliefs, so I am, therefore, facing a dilemma as are many other voters. I prefer an Independent candidate who puts America first, not his private beefs, beliefs or religion.

It becomes a question of whether or not there are actual consequences as a result of our actions. Do we merely elect a candidate because he belongs to the party we prefer or do we elect the most qualified candidate? Our past election disproves the assumption of qualifications, totally. An unprepared, ill equipped, and inexperienced man was elected simply because he was a black man running as a Democrat, and although they knew that he was not qualified, they also knew he was untouchable because of the issue of racism which they disingenuously raised and fostered throughout the campaign. In actuality, fostering that issue may have pointed the finger at Obama and his minions, since a review of his contacts, associates and past efforts and commitments, coupled with the remarks of his wife, Michelle about America, surely do not show his views to embrace all or to encompass all the concerns of Americans or America, but rather to favor his own particular bias.

However, the left leaning media has not told the truth regarding those issues or any liberal issues and has not shown both sides of any concern and, in fact, had not even completely vetted this President when he was a candidate, since it didn’t serve their purpose, a purpose which should not even have been on their radar, since their job, as journalists, is to inform the public of facts, not opinion or personal preference.


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One Response to 2012 Election

  1. JoAnn says:

    brilliant commentary, my dear.

    I am disgusted with the whole damn mess.


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