I was left with many thoughts after Obama’s latest State of the Union Message. First and foremost was this one, which I found eminently disconcerting. (Disclaimer: These are personal thoughts and not facts I have researched or for which I have provided proof.)

Obama’s Presidency, and now candidacy for reelection, is based on several things, but three things or four things stand out: race baiting, class baiting, religion baiting and perhaps there is even the baiting of our allies as he panders to our enemies. He calls the relatively passive voices of the Tea Partiers outrageous while applauding the voices of the Occupiers who have shown little respect for the system or themselves. He insults Netanyahu, and yet he bows to a Saudi Prince while his wife does not curtsy to the Queen. I find these behaviors suspect.

Since one knows that Obama is highly educated, and one also knows that his techniques are never haphazard, it has to make one wonder what exactly are the motivations behind such behavior. History shows that these baiting tactics often fail and bring about the demise of a people and a country. So why, I ask myself does Obama do this?

It is race baiting because any criticism of Obama, on anyone’s part, is immediately labeled racism, however legitimate it might be, eliminating any voice that is not in total agreement with his positions. It does not matter if it has nothing to do with color, it is immediately spun to mean that the offending comment is made only to defeat the “black” president, having nothing to do with his ability or lack thereof. It is hypocrisy.

It is class baiting because his policies embracing redistribution surely pit working classes against moneyed classes, even though a large number of those with substantial funds are working people; they are people who do not work 8 hours a day, but 24/7, in order to be successful, people  who earned, and continue to earn, their own money, refusing handouts throughout their lives, people who risk everything to start a business, hiring the very workers who rail against them. When those investors lose their money, do the workers get up a collection for them? Do they believe that redistribution works both ways for the employer who loses everything and the employee who might have helped drive him out of business?

We do not have an aristocracy here, but Obama is alluding to one that does not exist, creating a wall that Americans may not be able to scale, that may cause a permanent rift in our society. We may all sink into the abyss of fallen nations in history because his policy is socialism, and socialism fails and has failed historically and currently. Why is no one paying attention. Why is ideology ruling the minds of lemmings instead of common sense? Why are they blind to the destructive results of socialism playing out right now across Europe?

It is religion baiting because, although the hateful policies and speeches of the Reverend Wright, whom Obama worshiped with for 20 years (apparently without hearing him), were ignored, Mitt Romney’s religious Mormon background is being called cult worshiping and is being made a major issue in the campaign, ever so subtly, by liberal commentators and hacks, and even conservative ones who espouse the evangelical belief that morals and ethics mean nothing since they believe in turning the other cheek. The issue of religion is front and center and cannot be denied by these bigots who call everyone else a bigot in their defense. Since Jew-baiting has been an abominable practice and Christians believe there is an anti-Christian plan afoot to derail them, what drives this foolishness? We all know that these practices can only bring us down in shame, so what drives Obama? Is it, perhaps, a thread of memory about his Muslim background, is it his defense against what he believes is an anti-Muslim movement, an effort to profile some Muslims as terrorists, that tells him if he causes all this divisiveness, if he brings about infighting among all these factions, he will have more power for his own basic beliefs. Is he trying to divide and conquer, and to what end?

Jews did not vote en masse for Senator Lieberman because he was Jewish; they preferred to make it a point that they were more than their religions, to a fault, and therefore many did not support him. Whites did not vote for whites simply because they were white and did not exhibit the racism they were falsely accused of and elected Obama, the first black President. However, in stark contrast are the blacks who voted for, and will continue to vote for, Obama en masse. They voted for him simply because he is black; most do not care about whether or not he achieves his goals or theirs. The dividing line is clear as a bell in every focus group I have witnessed. They are united regardless of his failures and they rarely admit his failures. They believe they have been so oppressed that he must win against all odds. Evangelical conservatives will only support a person on the Christian Right, regardless of their character and values because they believe that their principles are the most worthwhile. So here is the dilemma: Where is the compromise promised by this President when he ran more than three years ago? Where is the unity he offered with his rants about hope and change; words…still just words. He uses them well. He overuses the name of Reagan, compares himself to King and overuses the word dream to elevate himself, rather than our country’s principles and standing in the world. He wants whites to identify him with Reagan and blacks to identify him with Martin Luther King. Is he a chameleon?

There is a theory being broadcast that Obama has brought about better relations with more countries during his Presidency. Perhaps one needs to look into which countries prefer us now. Is it our trusted allies or our avowed enemies? I believe it is the enemies who are happier with us now while our allies wonder where we will be in a crisis. Will we stand with them or abandon them in favor of one of  the Arab countries or African countries Obama seems to prefer to align himself with and also support.

Obama has tapped into the lowest traits of human beings, that of jealousy, greed, anger, rage, bigotry in all its forms. History has shown that these things Obama encourages lead to revolution, perhaps not violent ones, but surely revolutions nonetheless. Is this why he chooses his methods of madness? Again, who is this man called Obama and what does he ultimately want to accomplish?

Obama’s words do not inspire me, they give me pause.


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