Envy Has Traveled A Long And Destructive Path

In my opinion, and I am not declaring that it is the right one, just my own feeling, thedumbing down of America can probably be traced to the 60’s when all rules of decorum began a steady decline toward no rules. Everything of value began to be diluted. Among other things, we were told we could have “free love”, “freedom to dress the way we liked”, “freedom to attend any school we liked”, regardless of whether we were qualified. In short, we were told we could pretty much do as we pleased in all things. Suits disappeared, dreadlocks appeared, marriages dissolved in huge numbers, babies were born out of wedlock, etc. I am sure everyone could come up with some negative consequence of all this “freedom”.
It was the beginning of an era of irresponsibility, lack of respect and envy. Materialism was vilified, so was nationalism. We could be one happy world family if only we all loved each other and shared, if only we didn’t covet our possessions. Flower children marched in the street. Still, with all of that, the same old, same old held true; many of those that preached did not practice what they preached. By and large, they didn’t so much disapprove of what their neighbors had, they simply wanted to have it too, without working for it, just because they were entitled to it by virtue of the fact that someone else had it. No matter that it had been earned by that someone else. What right did someone else have to own more than they did, to have more of a quality of life than they did? Those someone elses needed to share what they earned with those people who didn’t earn it!
I am with Margaret Thatcher when she proclaimed (and I am paraphrasing) that those of us who worked hard for our money resented those who were slackers. That doesn’t mean I don’t understand charity or the need for everyone to have the right to succeed. It means I believe it was worth working for the benefits I have received. With skin in the game, it became a labor of love and a sacrifice worth making, not an entitlement. I believe we should earn our accolades, whatever they may be.
We have become a country on the brink of disaster and we can’t seem to stop the train from hurtling down the track. It is our history that continues to make us keep on doing the same old, same old, rather than our minds. Our brains are turning to mush. However, if we don’t stop, think and try and learn from history, we will be doomed to make the same mistakes over and over, simply to stand with the most popular movement of the moment rather than stand with what is right, at the moment.


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2 Responses to Envy Has Traveled A Long And Destructive Path

  1. JoAnn says:

    So so true and so very sad.


  2. omasvoice says:

    We may not agree on books, lol, but we agree on the more important issues of the day.

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