Moral Outrage

I heard a story today, from a good friend, a reliable friend, she is special, would never lie and so I am truly horrified by what she said.

She has a friend who was exercising in the gym in the community in which I live. This is an affluent community of successful people. This does not make them all likeable but it does make them smart enough to know what is right and wrong. They are not young hippies but well-seasoned seniors, for the most part.

In this community there are a great many supporters of Obama, not because they love Obama, but being a Democrat is bred into their bones, to paraphrase a title from a Robertson Davies book. I have heard hypocrisy expressed on both sides of the fence, the left and the right, but I have never heard of what this person related to me, except in jest. To discover that some people will do such despicable, underhanded things, people I know and probably respect, was a complete shock and an eye-opener. I felt the floor fall away beneath me when told that what I thought was said in jest by foolish, loud-mouthed talking heads, was actually a common practice, here in my own haven, my own community.

The scene goes something like this:  while on the treadmill, a gentleman said to the woman adjacent to him, I have to go and vote. She, knowing he is an avid Democrat-large D, smiled and said, you can’t vote. You know you are a liberal. Who would you vote for anyway? He said anyone Obama can beat. She said but how can you vote in the Republican primary as a Democrat? His reply is the kicker; he registered as a Republican so he could skew the primary and affect the final vote. He can still vote as a Democrat in the national election.

I am witnessing the moral decay of a society because of the moral decay and duplicity of its leader and those that follow him like sheep being led to the slaughter. This man represents the liberals who think of themselves as holier than thou, ceaselessly criticizing conservatives. Is there no end to the level someone will stoop to gain an unfair advantage? I wanted to grab a camera, take pictures of known liberals doing what he was suggesting and then post them on the net, with scarlet letters across their foreheads spelling out HYPOCRITE!

What stopped me? I have not, fortunately, descended into that abyss of moral decay that would prompt me, as well, to do something so underhanded and unworthy of human conduct.


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One Response to Moral Outrage

  1. JoAnn says:

    When I first moved to SE Pennsylvania 25 years ago, our mortgage banker, who was an old college friend, advised me to register Republican. At that time, I was a conservative Democrat. When I asked him why, he said because no one but Republicans will ever be elected in this area’s local elections, so if you want to have any say about what will affect you locally, you need to register Republican so you can make your choice in the primary.

    This is not the same as what your friend related to you, but I did register Republican 25 years ago. Republican candidates always get elected to local offices here, by a 95% majority, so I feel okay with what I do….which is make my choice in the primary.

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