The Non-Romney and the Human Mattress

I am a political junky. I watch the debates, I watch the primaries and I often listen to the pundits, even those on the left whose vitriol goes largely unnoticed while the right is constantly chastised by an unfair and biased media that upholds a double standard, yet, gets the obvious bully pulpit to spread their falsehoods, without opposition, because the liberals are hypocrites when it comes to public statements. They believe in muzzling, SILENCING, all opposition. BUT, what can you expect from a group of people who consider the people who play the parts of people, the actors and actresses playing roles, the experts on those people, the definers of their character, as in Tina Fey, Julianne Moore, Woody Harrelson, just because they play their PARTS well because they are good performers?
These are the people who present the idea we have all been forced to swallow day after day, the idea that the presentation of ideas, rather than actual ideas, the words rather than the actual behavior, of a candidate and a President, are the most important aspect of that person.  We live in the Twilight Zone that we have allowed this media to create and we need to fight back and demand boycotts of them and their programs in the same way they demand boycotts of programs they disapprove. We need to fight fire with fire and throw caution to the wind. Good manners do not work when you deal with ruffians and this is a group of ruffians who have been able to gain control of the narrative. That does not mean the narrative is REAL!

So let’s have a discussion about the anti-Romney vote that the pundits are extolling with obvious glee, because there are still voters actually making a choice when they vote, choosing one of the four candidates. For me, that does not mean it is the anti-Romney vote;  it is simply the voter making a choice from the list of candidates available. If they drink coffee, would they choose American or espresso? If they drink coffee, will they choose tea? Right now, they are simply choosing, they are choosing the person most closely aligned with them. That is what a primary is about, choosing from the available candidates. When the field narrows, they will choose again.
It isn’t an anti-Romney vote, it is a VOTE! It is about CHOICE. This seems to be a word completely misunderstood or, perhaps, totally ignored, by Democrats, unless they are making it, and I wish the candidates would reframe the debate so that the point of an election is what gets across, not the point of the pundits. The pundits are keeping themselves alive, trying to keep their own jobs, by creating interest and gossip, they are not creating the TRUTH! So why is there no effort to stop the dissemination of propaganda for Obama’s benefit?

Romney is too white…it has been said; if anyone said Obama was not black enough, the pundits would be screaming Racist! Oh, but let’s not forget, it depends on who says it; if Colbert says it or Brokaw says it, or Matthews says it, or Schultz or Maher, it is perfectly fine. They fall into a mystical category of people that are excused for their distasteful comments, but Limbaugh, calling Fluke a name, ever so casually used by some of the above, is being crucified. Whether or not you like Rush, has nothing to do with the disgusting campaign that this hypocrite Fluke has launched. It is not about women’s reproductive rights. Women’s rights are not being taken away. Women still have, and will always have, the right to pay for their own birth control and, yes, even practice safe sex in other ways, one of which is by not being human mattresses.
Fluke has launched a campaign, not against distasteful comments or a perceived war on women by Santorum, as it has been portrayed by a largely dishonest media, intent only on protecting themselves,  hoping they too won’t be fired for expressing their freedom of speech, so they follow “the party line”, like good soldiers, NO, SHE HAS LAUNCHED A WAR ON the conservative talking heads, the conservative point of view, because that is the biggest danger to Obama’s re-election. We have allowed her to reframe the narrative. This is one war we cannot allow the left to win. This is one battle that has to be won, and the people on the right have to lay down the gauntlet, throw manners to the wind with their caution, and fight back or Obama will laugh his way all the way to the White House in the fall.
FIGHT MSNBC, they are the biggest purveyors of the half-truths, they have become an arm of the White House. Fight CNN when they present a lopsided, one-sided viewpoint. Call their advertisers and tell them you won’t support them! At least make an honest attempt to bring honesty back to the air waves. Perhaps we can return the fourth estate to the position of prominence and respect it once had.




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