Can Polar Opposites Remain Friends In This Political Time?

A friend sent me this in an email:
I can’t help but agree with this statement!  You may remember her name as the author of The Joy Luck Club.
The wonderful writer Amy Tan has posted this statement:

“To those who criticize my perversion of the GOP candidates’ names, please know that name-calling is not my usual standard of response. Nor do I normally use expletives. But I make exceptions. Never in my lifetime have I seen such a line-up of candidates who want to pervert the lives of women, who want to f**k them over every which way they can think of. These perverts are men, and variously they are telling us that single women should not have sex, should not use contraceptives, should consider a baby conceived from a rape to be a blessing, and to leave all matters concerning their uterus to them. They say that contraceptives for women make it too easy for them to “do things.” They do not offer the same opinions on men and their tendencies to “do things.” Their rhetoric makes it sound like women are wanton spirits who must be controlled. I am a writer because I have strong opinions. Those opinions on women’s rights come from my grandmother, who was raped, and my mother, who was raped at gunpoint by her husband, and who was jailed when she ran away from him. My mother told me as a child and a grownup, that no one should ever tell me whether I should have a baby. How could I be any other kind of writer, any other kind of person? How could I not protest the perversion of women’s rights espoused by these candidates? The twisted names I give them may sound “hurtful” –as name-calling is. But the hurt they would give us would not be temporary slights, but permanent scars. This country is not divided because of Obama. It has been divided for a long time by the Republican Right who vote down the line on personal moral beliefs. They are out of touch with the the actual governance of this country and its relation to the larger world. *Would these candidates cut off relations with China until China abolishes the one-child policy? I was born the daughter of a Baptist minister. I know how intractable religious beliefs are supposed to be, how by faith, you must carry those beliefs into the world, into all walks of life, without compromise, without listening to any other opinions. By that faith, you save who you can and smite who you can’t. To these GOP candidates who want to rule government by the divine guidance of their cocks, study the pages of history on the Inquisition and the Holocaust, and keep your hands off me, my nieces, my sisters, my women friends, their daughters and their daughters to come.”
I responded without thinking but with a great deal of emotion. It absolutely infuriated me. I am hoping we will still be friends after she reads it, if she reads it, liberals don’t usually read what displeases them. They don’t want to hear anything but their own opinions, for some reason. I did not punctuate or or spell check it or reread it. This is the unvarnished version:

Let’s remain friends. i stopped sending you articles because i knew you didn’t want to read them. don’t send me items that are corruptions of the truth. i will read anything you send me that is not gossip or silly emotional reactions. i will read anything that is based in fact. this is not and she should be ashamed of herself, if she really wrote it. she is being worse than rush who called fluke a slut…how many liberals will be against her “NAME CALLING?” let me think, not one, i imagine. will you? please read my response and then let’s talk or drop it, as you wish. it is absolute garbage. i don’t think you will read this to the end. you will probably get angry, which is the problem. liberals want people who disagree with them to hear their message, but they don’t want to hear anyone else’s. i respect you and really like you and i wouldn’t want our relationship to change because of our political views, but you know and i know that the gop is not intending to rape women, does not want to take away women’s rights. they are not taking away contraception, this is a perversion of the truth, the lie told often enough… the right is merely saying they should not have to pay for that contraception. religious rights are being stepped on by this administration along with everything else. what if he decides circumcision is a violation of the child’s rights? how would you feel then? it has been an issue before. it has been considered barbaric. the liberals are framing the issue this way and a less than honest president is jumping on a bandwagon for a woman who wants to sleep around and have me pay for it. where was he when that awful name was used by bill maher…c==t and he still took money from him didn’t he? oh, there was nothing wrong with that…that was public persona, crap, that is sheer nonsenes. if it is insulting it is insulting. it didn’t serve his purpose then. this helped his campaign. he is a hypocrite and people should open their eyes and admit what they are doing. what is good for the goose is good for the gander. the left has been saying horrible things about women for a long time and getting away with it because they are entertainers…so was imus, he didn’t get away with it, because the left is made up of entertainers they have excluded themselves from the fray, as obama has excluded his buddies and unions from his health care mandate. liberals are blinded by his smile. he is not a lover of israel or the jews and if he gets elected again, we will all pay. he won’t be campaigning anymore, he will be preaching. i am really disgusted, as you can tell, that the message has been perverted in this way for political gain without regard for the consequences. i don’t care about what that student does, she can sleep with a hundred men, just let her take care of her own birth control. she chose a jesuit school, if she didn’t like their policies she should have left. from her remarks i think we are also paying for her education, in some way, she indicates that she is subsidized…at 31 or 32, it is time she stopped taking and started giving and stopped expecting handouts, as well. that is what is so dangerous about this administration…everything is a handout. i don’t want to pay for birth control for someone who wants to be a human mattress. no one pays for my prescription vitamins, they are not covered. no one pays for half my meds or my doctors but i chose to go to them. this is horses–t. you know that with obama care you would have not gotten the service or care you got for steve. everything will change because of this absolute socialist way of looking at things. it has failed everywhere and yet we are marching there like fools. where were all these self righteous voices when the liberals spoke so unkindly about sarah palin or bristol, or michelle bachman or hillary? liberals have tunnel vision. they were silent. where was NOW? they were muzzled. it didn’t serve their purpose…do as i say, not as i do! ridiculous…if you accept it for one you should accept it for all, if you are affronted for one you should be affronted for all. it is hypocritical to object because she is a private person…she put herself out in the public, that is what they say when a conservative is ridiculed and the same should apply to fluke. this was contrived as most things are in politics but the chicago democrats are lower than most. they instigated it. funny, when linda tripp did something underhanded it was mean and awful, but doing this is perfectly fine, isn’t it? yes, because the liberals found her and made up this controversy. axelrod is a genius at down and dirty. it makes me sick that he is a jew. btw, amy tan is an author, have you noticed lately that every novel has character in it that is jewish and that character is not laudable. this is the image jews are sinking to with this man in the white house. in subtle ways, our children, our adults, are being given the message that jews are not nice. jews are like netanyahu, arrogant…etc. you know, what, never again is meaningless because jews are blind. She is an author and to use her bully pulpit to expound for the democrats is no different than any celebrity mouthing off about the liberals but if I sent you that, you know what, you would be angry and wouldn’t want to read it or you would say, I don’t believe it. That is what people say when they don’t want to know…She too, has perverted the facts and the liberals like the message so they are making it viral. It is disingenuous. i wonder whose campaign she has donated to this time around or the last time…hmmmm, not hard to figure out.

I sent her this after my initial response, as well:



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