Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Democrat

I don’t post my political opinions as often anymore because angry people sometimes come out of the woodwork, just looking for a fight, not a dialogue, but this is my private site so I feel more comfortable doing it here.

I have tried, not always successfully, to be neutral and fair, if you will, in this election period, not blaming one side more than another, but watching Al Sharpton malign Mitt Romney, on the totally biased network, MSNBC, questioning his honesty and the veracity of some of his statements, with his usual biased guests, I wanted to throw a shoe through the television screen. This man, who himself has a questionable reputation, who himself lives in the shadow of false statements and lies in his past, who lives in the shadow of his rabble rousing, bullying reputation, is at the height of hypocrisy when he does this, and no one should give credence to a word coming out of his mouth or out of the mouths of his guests.

How do they sleep at night knowing that they are lying, knowing that they are giving false information by suggesting wrongdoing that never took place. They say certain things simply to make one wonder if something that happened could be something else. Well wondering is not an indicator of the truth. It is an indicator of the wanderings of the mind of the bigots on the screen.

When Bill Maher can get away with calling Allen West an ape even though that comment, had it been made about President Obama, would have raised cries of racism heard round the world, and when Vice President Biden can wonder about Romney’s Anglo Saxon ties, while no one may dare wonder about Obama’s Kenyan ties, or anything else about Obama for that matter, then maybe it is time for those same hypocrites to be called to account for their remarks, to be held to the same standard they demand that others are held to, and maybe it is time for these hypocrites to finally come out and speak up against those racist remarks. Perhaps the “audacity of hope” simply means having the audacity to smear the innocent and get away with it.

The filthy politics of Chicago is pervasive. These people who pretend to be honorable, criticizing the behavior of others, will someday have to look in the mirror and what they see there may disgust them. But, by the time they are found out, it may be far too late for America.


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