Fool Me Twice: Obama’s Shocking Plans for the Next Four Years Exposed by Aaron Klein, Brenda J. Elliott

If one can connect the dots that the authors have arranged, and can believe or accept the theories proposed, then President Obama and those supporting him, are actively attempting to dismantle America by destroying it from the inside, working its way out, in an attempt to create a new world order. Regardless of how much or how little you agree with, the crony capitalism and incestuous relationships he has had with radical people and organizations, working toward this end, will be exposed in this book.

For decades, apparently, many of those associated with the Obama administration have been involved in organizations supporting this policy. They have supported the theories of Saul Alinsky, professed to be Marxists or Socialists, and many have been funded, overtly or covertly, by George Soros. The names range from John Podesta to Stephanie Powers to Van Jones and Bill Ayers, among many other well known names. They support a policy of international financial redistribution because of the crimes we have committed as a country.

According to Klein and Elliott, President Obama’s promises for America are based on exaggerations, funny numbers and empty promises. He depends on the power of his rhetoric, the propaganda he spreads in the media and a public that is uninformed, a public that is interested in handouts, which he is more than willing to provide in order to garner votes. He is bent on being reelected for a second term so he can, unencumbered by future campaigns, bring about his vision for America, with which you may or may not agree.

They believe that this President seems intent on usurping the power of Congress, with a series of executive orders following through on his belief that if they, Congress, won’t do it, he can and will do it on his own.  To insure that the Democrats have an increasing foothold on progressive socialist policies, he has granted rights to illegal aliens that are unprecedented. This demographic is known to vote his way and with his policies, he has bypassed Congress, and essentially, purchased their votes. Although, he promised a transparent administration, the book shows that it is through subtle maneuvers that he and his ilk are attempting to bring about this new world order.

The authors presented a view on how Obamacare would be revamped in the eventuality that the Supreme Court overturned it. They were going to reinvent it and present it as a legitimate tax. The book was written before the ruling, so the authors could not have known how it would turn out. I could not help but wonder if one of the liberals on the court leaked that information to them, so that Chief Justice Roberts could write an opinion that would preserve the integrity and legacy of the Court, since he wrote the opinion that Obamacare was a tax and therefore legal, even though it had not been argued in that way and was not the case they were actually ruling on. Roberts essentially reinterpreted the case presented before them to agree with the policy Obama was pursuing. Perhaps the authors were clairvoyant when they presented that information.

In many cases, even when the information presented was accurate, even startling and new, presenting signs of cronyism and misuses of power, it was hard to connect the dots the way the authors wished. The plans outlined for immigration were staggering, until the reader begins to see that much of it has already begun to be implemented.  The Democrats, progressives and liberals (“a rose by any other name”) are well aware of the fact that people like handouts and if you advertise handouts, the lines will grow longer and longer and the votes will come easier and easier, and the weight of this burden for their victory at the polls, will be on the Americans who pay taxes and the immigrants who work here legally, not those looking for a nanny state.  Obama has granted rights to non-citizen children of illegal aliens, which are greater than the rights of children born here, who are legally citizens. He has done this with what might amount to an abuse of power, overreaching and/or defying the Constitution. He has given himself these extraordinary rights in order to guarantee his re-election.

While I might believe the authors have some viable premises, borne out by the actions of this President over the last four years, they assume too much knowledge on the part of the reader and the abundant presentation of personages, government agencies and study groups, gets confusing, at times, for the reader. It may be hard to muddle through all the names and too brief explanations which often seem murky, and many readers may not be inclined to complete the reading of the book. The one thought that may grab the reader, is this:  Obama appears to be leading America down a path of failure. He wants our military to act as something akin to UN peacekeepers in foreign countries, rather than protectors of the peace in our own. The authors would have the reader believe that Obama, with his secretive future polices and plans for his next term, wishes to change America from a superpower, from a place of military might, to a country using its military and financial might to help the third world improve and gain a better foothold.

Studies are cited that show that the government agencies created by Obama have already researched these efforts. He cites reports written which seem to foreshadow and foretell events which are planned to bring down the country from a military might and financial center, to a country enmeshed in global mentoring and financial support. He seems to want to use the power of America to shore up the strength of other countries, rather than our own, because he blames the ills of these countries on America, believing that whatever we have achieved in these countries has been at the expense of these countries. Other Western countries are blamed as well for their achievements, and he believes we should repay these people because it is our behavior that has brought them down. He has blamed everything from food shortages to the Arab Spring on the developed world’s misuse of the environment. The Obama machine wants to use the power of our dollar to fix the world, perhaps at a greater expense to our own people than we would be prepared to pay, if we only knew for sure that it was his plan. However, apologizing for America has become a habit with this administration, so perhaps the authors are right. Whether or not the authors prove their case is up to the reader to decide. The reader will have to decide if this is indeed a grand design to bring America to its knees, militarily and financially, while at the same time using our own resources to prop up those countries that have not yet achieved world supremacy. The reader will have a lot to decide and digest.

The fact that the health care ruling occurred after the publication of the book makes a good deal of the book obsolete, unfortunately. Also the book was hard to read at times. It felt disjointed and the alphabet soup of names and agencies referenced was tedious. It was often hard to follow the trends predicted, since I think they presumed more knowledge on the part of the average reader than actually exists. The last third of the book consists of footnotes and a glossary which may help the frustrated reader.



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