Journalists Fiddled While the Middle East Burned, As Did Obama!

This is an open letter to Joe Scarborough, of Morning Joe:

I used to respect your opinions because they seemed unbiased. As a matter of fact, you told me, once, at the book expo, that Mika was moving to the middle, which I thought would make for great discussions, even though I doubted it, when considering her background. I was hopeful that your show would be non-partisan, even though all of the others on MSNBC, and many other cable stations, had become operatives of the progressives, all the while they complained about Fox News which was the only voice of opposition to the far left, that was available, and which by necessity, has now moved further right in order to fight back for those of us who are not prone to socialism, class warfare, hypocrisy and blackmail. It is odd that any criticism of this current administration appears to be met with sudden investigations into the dissenter. Haven’t you noticed? Why are you, once an honest representative, so quiet now? Are you afraid? If you are, consider the consequences for the country!

From my vantage point, only you have moved, not Mika. You are outnumbered and you appear to have moved all the way to the left, rather than both of you meeting in the middle, as I thought would happen. I hesitate to call you a RINO, because I don’t want to believe it; but your criticism of Romney, recently and for a while now, has been unfairly one-sided, perhaps blindsided by the network you work for, but that is not an excuse.  Whenever you make a negative remark about Romney, you are sure to follow it up with a positive remark about Obama, often excusing his mistakes, while you exaggerate Romney’s. Yet, when you make a positive remark about Obama, you do not follow it up with a positive one about Romney, more likely you contrast it too, with a negative comment about him. I would not expect such behavior from a true Republican. You would try to support your own candidate, be rooting for your own, rather than your adversary, which seems to be your latest modus operandi.

Of course you will disagree with me, as will the MSNBC supporters who merely spout the talking points and party line, refute comments like mine with hate and anger and reject the notion that the media is biased, even though the facts prove it, because they don’t even check out the facts, they just spit out the talking points. However, you all ignore the past history of the disgusting behavior of the Democrats toward Bush, and prop up Obama at every opportunity when you believe he is being slighted. This is called sleight of hand, in my opinion, obfuscation, trompe l’oeill, leading the opinion rather than providing the information neccesary to form an intelligent one.

I thought your show would be more non-partisan, but you seem to have become a “talking head”, for the left. For whatever reason, it is your choice, perhaps to keep your job in this fragile economy, but my choice is to abandon your show and MSNBC, entirely. I can no longer watch your show which was once an intelligent voice of reason, but has now become an arm of the administration, as are all the other MSNBC shows which blatantly give free advertising to the Democrats with their spots propping Obama’s ideas. Once MSNBC, and their news, was my home page on the computer, now it is my last choice for any information because I can’t trust a word they print, just as I no longer read the NY Times because it is also in the pocket of Obama. How sad that Americans are not living in the transparent society that was promised, but rather we are living in an opaque fantasy world created by the sycophants, who follow the left, simply because being a Democrat is in their blood, rather than their brains.

As journalists, I am not sure how you guys sleep at night. The corruption of the fourth estate is monumental. It no longer looks out for America or Americans, it looks out for itself, as do all of you. It is shameful, because the American public is being duped and led down a path which may lead to the end of America as we  know it, which was once considered a great place, not something we had to apologize for…how sad for all of us.

Nero fiddled while Rome burned and Obama campaigned while the Middle East was aflame. Where are the journalists? Where is the condemnation that would have assailed President Bush? Where are the anti-war demonstrators? There have been so many more deaths in Afghanistan than under Bush, and yet, there is only the sound of silence from a country of leftist hypocrites. Our privacy has been trampled by this administration and its followers and yet there is only the sound of silence, where once there would have been voices of opposition and reason to these policies. I beseech all of you out there, don’t be one of them, ignoring the truth because you are too lazy to find it out for yourselves. Find your centers again! Think again instead of simply putting your hands out because that is the easy way. America would not be what it is today if we were a country of people who sought the easy way. We fought hard for what we have achieved, but we are dangerously close to losing it.


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