“L” Is For Liar!

I often feel myself dizzy with the confusion of the misinformation being disseminated today by the media. What is true and what is not? It is sometimes easier to find the truth on foreign media sites.

Someone once called the President a liar and he was condemned. Time has proven that he was right. He is indeed a liar. The Benghazi debacle has shored up the idea that the President lied for political purposes even as he blamed others, falsely, for his lack of judgment and wisdom. He lied when he allowed Candy Crowley to say that he did say it was an act of terrorism in the Rose Garden. He never did. He was referring to 9/11 as an act of terrorism. He has still not come out and condemned the Consul deaths as terrorism. He still dishonestly leaves the film out there as a possible cause.

He lied when he told the victims of Sandy that there would be no red tape. He does whatever is politically expedient for his own benefit, period. He rides in on his white horse, makes it up as he goes along, flashes a toothy smile and leaves as quickly as he came.

He lied when he said, during the debate, that there would being no sequester, because he was the very one who insisted upon it. It is documented. He has taken credit for producing Israel’s Iron Dome defense, even though the US did not fund any of it until 2010 after they had a successful test run, even though the project was begun in 2007 and was funded by Israeli money. He does not admit mistakes and he takes credit for the achievements of others. He is a creature of Chicago politics and he does not belong in the White House.

He took credit for Bin Laden’s death without giving credit to the previous administration’s efforts or to the fact that without those efforts that he himself condemned, that death would not have come about. His coterie supports him loyally. So far no one has broken ranks. Yet, anyone with a brain has witnessed a corrupt media that lies for him, ignores news that might adversely affect him, covers news in a biased way in order to support him in his charades and thus helps pave the way for his ill gotten success.

I have asked a number of people if they would hire me to be a lawyer, a CPA, a CEO, for that matter, even if I had no experience, no training, simply because I wanted the job and I am a smooth, glib talker. They all said no, I would not hire you or anyone, for that matter, not experienced or fit for the job. So I said, then why is Obama in the White House? Why did you vote for him? They all looked sheepish but not contrite.

I asked all my liberal friends if they have ever elected to pay more taxes than they had to or if they have accountants trying to save their money so they pay even less. They all tried to save their money. None paid more. They all pay as little as possible. Their money is in foundations to protect it. So then I ask, why do you vote to have me pay more? Why should I pay your share? No response is forthcoming. Just a kind of sneer, a kind of snicker. So, I ask, who is lying?

Anyone who disagrees with Obama is ipso facto, a racist. How convenient. One must ask, who really is the racist? Is it perhaps him and/or his cohorts?  Is the pot calling the kettle black to misdirect, to control the narrative? If we don’t wake up and demand the truth, whether or not we like it, we will be doomed to fail as a nation and a people. Who is lying, when they call the innocent, liars, even as they themselves are lying?


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