What Separates a Liberal from a Conservative is a BRAIN!

A woman in a restaurant, overheard a conversation between my friend and myself. My friend was saying that she is trying to like him (Obama) but she just keeps having trouble accomplishing that goal. Then my friend said that she was annoyed that Mrs. Medgar Evers mentioned Jesus in her inauguration remarks. She felt that it was a bad omen for Jews. It flies in the face of the rule for separation of church and state.
As we spoke, I remarked that I have asked all of my friends if they would hire Obama to run their company, and they all said no, because he had no experience. So why was he given the most important job in the world?
In the silence that followed, before my friend could answer, an eavesdropping liberal at the next table, piped up and said, “I never heard of anything so stupid, what does running a company have to do with running a country…DUH! And that, my friends, was a typical Obama voter.


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