The Black Box, Michael Connelly

blackThis murder mystery is the 16th novel featuring Detective Harry Bosch. It is a straight forward, simply written novel. Bosch is somewhat of a loose cannon, a cop that does not follow rules in his pursuit of justice. Often in trouble because of his methods, he is successful in solving crimes that seem unsolvable.
This novel is about the murder of a Danish journalist. The crime occurred in 1992, during the LA riots, after the Rodney King verdict came down acquitting the cops involved. What was Annika Jesperson doing in LA? Was she murdered because she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? The case was never solved.
Fast forward, 20 years; it is now 2012. Harry Bosch is working on this unsolved, cold case. His superiors would like him to either drop it or slow down his investigation because if solved, the Jesperson case, (nicknamed Snow White), would cause political problems for those running for office. When he refuses, he is brought up on trumped up charges in an effort to have him dismissed from the force.
Most of the characters exist on the surface of the novel; they are not fully developed. Harry is the main feature and we really learn little about anything other than the details of his investigation and his behavior. Harry’s heart may be in the right place, but he disregards universal rules and protocol. He has his own standard of behavior and it is often less than aboveboard. It was hard to understand how he got away with all of the stunts he pulled.
Sometimes the plot wound around and was not always plausible. Although, at times, the story was a bit contrived and too obvious, the audio book did hold my interest. It was exciting and was a good easy diversion for a long drive.


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