There Is No There, There

Analyzing the most recent statement by President Obama and his acolytes, watching his poll numbers rise against the tide of negative publicity bombarding him, leads to only one conclusion. There really is no There, There! However, it is not where the President points out; it is not about the investigations or the information that exists out there which might explain the incompetence in the administration and perhaps help prevent more of it, perhaps prevent even more devastating effects, the no There, There, is between the ears of his “constant” supporters, supporters who even in the face of that ridiculous remark meant to deflect attention from the real problem, continue to be faithful, loyal followers, rather than admit they were wrong to put a totally unprepared man in the White House, simply because they could, simply because playing the race card worked in their favor. These are the people who are largely ignorant of current events, the man in the street that is stopped and can’t give the Vice President’s name accurately, the electorate that put the Democrats in the White House, not once, but twice, to prove they could are merely lemmings and these are the people who will decide America’s future because he has given them the power to do it. He and his cohorts have created an atmosphere in Government that allows apathy to thrive because the triumvirate of  arrogance, ignorance and greed prevail.

The Progressives adroitly manipulated a largely, liberal, compliant and willing press to make it seem like anyone disagreeing with Obama was a racist, nothing more; a press that allowed untruths to be perpetuated, as in Candy Crowley who insisted that the President had called the Bengazi raiders, terrorists in a Rose Garden statement, even as his administration put out a statement that it was a video that inspired it, even when anyone who heard him speak knew he was referring to those involved in 9/11/01, not 9/11/11! But, who wanted to be called a racist?

It was a perfect strategy and it led us down this road to failure. America’s image in the world is no better, the atmosphere is worse internationally, our “friends” have been insulted and our “enemies” have been courted, our privacy has been invaded without a word of outrage, because those in charge are hypocrites, our soldiers are still out there and the Pink Ladies are silenced. This is not a press that has a need to cover them any longer.

When Bush was in the White House, there was a constant cry of abuse of power, yet the man who has taken “abuse of power” to new heights, escapes the wrath of the people, because there is really no There, There, between the ears of the Progressives when it comes to admitting mistakes. They are not above lying, they are not above deception, they are certainly not above manipulation. Let’s hope that the current scandal in the Associated Press, with the White House’s outrageous abuse of power by invading telephone records, let’s hope the invasion of the IRS by the same atmosphere of arrogance and disregard for proper conduct, will finally shine a spotlight on the office of the White House where the buck always stopped before. Can anyone out there imagine them keeping their own job if they claimed ignorance when anything and everything was mishandled, had failure after failure in the office they managed, the project they managed? I sincerely doubt it. Can anyone imagine that President Bush would have gotten away with such episodes of misconduct, misrepresentation and/or abuses of the power of his office? Wake up, out there, these very same public deniers of  responsibility may soon be coming after you…actually, they will be, with your present and future health care. Big Brother is no longer watching, he is actually the There, There!

And now, I sit here wondering if the IRS will audit me; my opinion contradicts the powers that be in the White House! Hmm, will my health care be denied when the IRS gets wind of some of my buzz words? Yes, I also sit her wondering if I should be afraid to publish this. And that, my friends, is the danger of letting the no There, There, comment slide! Isn’t anyone else afraid?


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