I have not posted my opinions in a long time. It felt futile, but now, I feel as if I have to make a stand about the current state of affairs with the political polls which are supposed to so clearly define what is happening with Conservatives and Republicans and Liberals and Progressives.

According to the polls, the GOP is on the downward slope. They are fighting, they have no message and they have failed.  So I asked myself, why have they failed? Let’s think about how people learn; they learn from instruction of some kind. Therefore, someone steeped in any form of orthodoxy, only knows the orthodox view of things, i.e., Orthodox Jews, Radical Muslims, Religious Catholics, the Amish, and I will add Democrats and Republicans to the mix.

If only one view is exposed, how is a judgement formed? This is the lesson that all dictators have learned well. If you control information, you control the outcome. Judgments are based on the information at hand. Thus, if you are an Orthodox Jew or a member of the Amish community, for example, you may not know about the ways of the world and will answer questions according to the knowledge to which you have been exposed. If you never drove a car but heard it was evil, you will believe it is evil. Likewise, if the news media only exposes one side of an issue, the judgments rendered will result from only that one sided view that has been exposed. (Why is this idea not presented clearly every time a talking head is on the air expressing only his side of the opinion, especially on MSNBC which has become so arrogant that it is redesigning its website and has posted a construction message that states it will be what every Progressive will love! Hello, is that what a supposed news outlet is supposed to represent, only one side of the spectrum?)

So, if all you hear is that Obama is the White Knight coming to save you, and the GOP is the devil in disguise, coming to destroy you, how will you answer the poll question of who it is that is at fault in any crisis concerning government? You will answer with the information at hand. Of course, you will think it is the GOP. If you had both sides of the argument expressed fairly, you might make a different decision, but you only get half the information.

This seems to be more of a way of life for Democrats. They refuse to even listen to another opinion, and instead, they demonize their opponents at the same time they call for civility, when actually, they are the ones being uncivil. It is the most egregious example of misdirection and misinformation ever, but it is not even being discussed. Perhaps Republicans are beginning to believe the Liberal narrative instead of remaining steadfast in their own beliefs.

With the current state of affairs, the Democrats have learned that ignorance is truly bliss for them. They control the dissemination of information on most media outlets. The danger lies in the end result. America is now on the decline, along with the GOP.  Who will really be the adult in the room when the crisis can no longer be averted by incomplete truths and a lack of transparency, by deliberate design? Since the current state of affairs is working for the Liberals and Progressives, and it is also working quite well for the biased media outlets, how can anyone with a brain fight back? Who has the guts and the financial power to fight back today without being ridiculed? Andrew Breitbart captured the spotlight and was able to shine a light on the corruption in the current government, but then he died. His death still confounds me. I think of the death of Vince Foster in the same way, confounding.

The Liberals have learned to use the system, when will the Conservatives learn how to work it as well? In order for them to survive, they will need to figure out how to get control of some of the media again. Will the media ever remember their true purpose, which is as a check and balance, which is real investigation of issues, which is most certainly not to support a particular political party? Who will really be the grown up in the room? It definitely is not the person who says “I will not negotiate”, it is definitely not the person who has the bully pulpit when he resorts to bullying and sets such a poor example for America and the world. Eventually, the dictator and his tantrums soft or loud, will fail, history is filled with those examples, but when will the truth win out? Who will pay the ultimate price and will the destruction caused be reversible?


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