Deja Vu

In Virginia, Mc Auliffe won the governorship by 2 1/2 %, he got 48% of the vote, Cuccinelli got 45.5% and the Libertarian, Sarvis got the rest, 6.6%. (I know, there is an extra .1%, probably McAuliffe should be 47.9, but the left-leaning times preferred to make it look a bit better, I suppose; 48 looks a lot better than 47, or perhaps they can’t add! They reporters are, after all, the products of the progressive system of education which has been in steady decline under progressive leadership.). Do you get this picture? The GOP shot themselves in the foot again. Either they don’t come out to vote because they don’t love the candidate, and in defiance, they let the opposition win, or they vote for an alternate candidate, someone who can’t win, and prevent their party from winning altogether. What a strategy! It is a strategy of failure.

Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory is what the GOP has learned to do really well.
The Democrats run a candidate without running anyone in opposition to them. They vote as a block, even when they vote for smarmy candidates, ex-convicts, even convicts in jail, ex fighters, ex anythings; the more checkered the background of their candidate, the happier they seem to be, the more they can pat themselves on their backs for turning the other cheek, for pretending that they are the ones who care, when all they care about is their own selfishness and their need to forgive themselves for their own past sins. It has almost become the party of decadence: immorality, drugs, handouts, rather than a party with a strong work ethic. The Democrats were the party of the KKK, for G-d’s sake, against the civil rights movement, and yet, they have managed to rewrite that history with the rhetoric of lies, and a lie repeated often enough takes on the cloak of truth.

The Progressive, President Wilson, segregated the armed forces and Washington DC and the Republican Eisenhower, desegregated them. Senator Byrd was repeatedly reelected although he was a member of the KKK. How did the world turn upside down and the story change? They Democrats don’t vote for a leader with the best qualifications, they vote for someone who can win because of a slick tongue and a deep pocket. They aren’t concerned about leadership. Obama started this trend of using big money to advance his platform, of saying one thing and then “unsaying” it later on; at the same time as he demonized big money, he went after it, and they were dumb enough to follow him anyway because that is what the Democrats do, they stand by their party.

We are no longer a thinking people, we are a knee jerk society looking for the easy way out in all things. If someone tells us how to behave, so be it, we don’t have to waste our time making decisions, we can play with our tech devices instead. The Democrats are the party of do as I say, not as I do, and we have become a country of lazy, non-thinking fools and adults who remain children and never want to grow up to take on the mantle of maturity because that involves taking on responsibility, owning up to ones actions; that requires hard work, and the Democrats are not the party of hard workers. They are the party of handouts, and who will not accept a handout?  Well, years ago, respectable people would not, they wanted to earn it themselves, climb up the ladder of success and achieve great things. Not today, today, it is let’s have some fun and let other people work to support us, and that has become the winning strategy of the party. How sad for the rest of us!

Mainstream is no longer mainstream, they are the new mainstream, the party of “the others”; they have now made the old mainstream look like “the others”. Ethics is not part of their party platform, winning is, and who can fault that strategy? It should be who can fault it, if it can bring about prosperity and achievement? But, prosperity is the key word, and the Democrats have managed to make earning money and becoming prosperous and evil accomplishment. Surely those that are lazy and want giveaways love this platform! Gimme, gimme, gimme, rings true, does it not? The takers are winning and soon their will not be enough givers to satisfy them, then what? Then we have complete and utter failure of the system and heaven help us and our children and their children and their children’s children, for generations to come.

Then the Republicans pretend that they stand for ethics, for hard work and honesty, and yet, they don’t have the backbone to stand together and support their own. They eat their own young. They consistently lose elections they could win because there is an arm of their party that doesn’t care if they lose, rather they want to make a point. Ron Paul says that we are all Republicans, not Libertarians and Conservatives and Moderates, etc. Well, if that were true, the tea party and the libertarians would get out of the way of the Republican Party once it picked a candidate and would throw themselves behind that candidate, not run an opposition candidate against them.

The idea that Putin is number one, that Russia surpassed the United States, brings fear to the hearts of most men, but not the Americans who consistently vote for candidates that are unqualified, unethical and unconcerned about anything but their own power. The Democrats couldn’t care less because they only care about their own selfish ends, about buying votes by perpetuating the nanny state. No country can remain standing under the weight of all the progressive programs. They will be brought to their knees like all the countries in Europe have been in the past. America is no longer number one and Obama has put the last nail in our coffin, brought us down, and yet, the Democrats keep voting for the country’s destruction by supporting their ultra left candidates, by praising the ranks of The Occupiers, those people who do not do anything to add to their country’s growth, but rather take from it all they can without giving anything back, by demonizing those who work and try to make the United States the financial capital of the world in favor of those who want to make it the last bastion of socialism, by extolling the virtues of those who want legalized drugs so we can all walk around in an irresponsible stupor, by buying the votes of those that are indigent with their giveaways which keep them indigent. Socialism and decadence, in the end, largely fail everywhere. All of the nations that have fallen, have fallen because they lost sight of the greater purpose of life; to reproduce and have healthy families and values, to have a government that leads rather than controls, to have a world in which things get better not worse, in which citizens get a sound education and are able to achieve, in favor of their own agendas and self-serving needs, a world in which not everyone is intent on demonizing everyone else to succeed, instead of succeeding through their own hard work and effort.

And guess what is coming down the pike for the next election…”the socialist in chief“, George Soros, who will stop at nothing to promote his candidate. With his financial capability and the Republican Party’s divisiveness and refusal to take a step into the present, let alone the future, with regard to their platform, it is pretty much a given that the GOP will probably not win another election for a long time, not until the pendulum swings completely in the other direction and the Progressive movement dies because it has brought the country to its knees. It will be quite a task to rebuild its reputation and standing in the world.

Doesn’t anyone notice that the loudest progressives are the richest, who won’t even have to blink an eye when their programs bring down everyone else, i.e. Pelosi, Soros, and now even Clinton and Obama, who have all used their bully pulpits to enhance their own wealth, even as they decry your own ability to do so?


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