Things That Matter, Charles Krauthammer

charlesAcross three decades, this medically trained, erudite journalist and Fox news consultant, has educated and informed millions of readers with his essays on every conceivable major issue confronting the country, but he is not one-dimensional, he wrote also on more mundane subjects like baseball and chess. His essays fly across the page because of his eloquence, intellect and wit.

His essays are reasoned and well written to inform a public thirsty for knowledge. Regardless of which side of the political spectrum the reader is on, his essays on such varied subjects as immigration, civil rights, the Supreme Court, marathons, pets, curse words, Einstein, Churchill, Machiavelli, Adams, Jefferson, bioterrorism, 9/11, radical Islam, psychotherapy, Halley’s Comet, Israel, domestic terrorism, drug wars, bleeding hearts that create guidebooks for life, euthanasia, affirmative action, the rights of women, stem cell research, and so much more, will effortlessly enrich and enlighten. Keep an open mind and be prepared to learn a great deal.

His analysis of politics, its dangers and its burdens, its accomplishments and its failures, is thorough. He quotes famous philosophers and historic figures. One interesting quote is from John Adams who said that “there never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide”.

Charles Krauthammer began his career as a Democrat, working for the party, but as a scientist, after learning from empirical evidence that their policies for a “Great Society” were flawed and had failed, he moved more to the right. One of the interesting concepts he explores is the prevailing belief that “liberals are stupid and, conservatives are evil; liberals have no head and conservatives have no heart”. Following the completion of this eye-opening series of articles, the readers will be introduced to both sides of many issues and will make their own decisions about controversial subjects.


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