The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher: Stories: Hilary Mantel

assassinationThere is a good variety of stories presented in this short book. They are so original and so creative; they are a joy to contemplate. Finally, an author has provided something to read that is not the same-old, same-old variation of a tired idea, not something that feels like it has been hastily written to meet a deadline or written simply for television or a future movie. Each story is unique and different in its development of some common themes.
One story tackles a clash of cultures in a Middle Eastern country, another challenges the behavior of children and possibly even how the sins of some are visited upon them as adults, another tale intimates that there are alternate lifestyles, others insinuate the existence of magic or the supernatural, another exposes infidelity as its theme, still another offers up how disabilities are actually viewed differently in the eyes of each beholder, and the final piece exposes the radical effects of political conflicts in a story about “The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher”. Each story explores the psychology behind the behavior of the characters. The idea that “what goes around comes around” kept returning to me as I read. In one instance it involved a $20 tip, in another, the love of a child, and in a third, the allusion to one’s attachment to a pet.
Each of the stories is told in its own individual style, and the voice of this author, blends wit, mystery, and the enigmatic, to build up just the right amount of tension and possibility without causing the reader to have to suspend disbelief. The stories offer a concise and insightful study of the motivation behind certain behaviors which alter our lives in positive and negative ways, the emotions that control us affecting our mental and physical health, and the prejudices that color our personal perception of things. The book is excellent and each story invites stimulating discussions as each explores the intricacies of our minds with all of our strengths and defects.


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