Anger Unleashed

I am so angry about the reaction of the news media. They fan the flames of discontent and unrest by telling only half the story and presenting it in a biased way to get viewers. They should be ashamed of themselves; they are greedy and without scruples.

No indictments were returned against the police officers who killed black men in the line of duty in two high profile cases, one in NYC and one in Ferguson, MO. No one is mentioning the fact that each of these males was guilty of committing a crime. Instead of talking about training cops, why don’t we talk about stopping criminals from breaking the law, about expecting blacks to obey the laws of the country. Why are these petty criminals portrayed as innocent victims. They were not victims, they were hoodlums, perhaps only guilty of committing minor crimes, but still guilty of committing crimes. Although they were taken down because of minimal offenses, they were guilty of disobeying the law, the same laws you and I must obey or face the same type of consequences.

I cannot even think of an instance in which I would not obey a policeman’s orders. I cannot think of a reason why a cop should be held to the same standard as a criminal. A cop is upholding the law and a criminal is breaking it! That is the fact, the only fact that matters. It isn’t about racial issues, it is about breaking the law, period! If they don’t break the law, the odds are that they won’t be stopped and they won’t be injured, fairly or unfairly.

How can a cop with an ordinary build be expected to take down a criminal who is obese, huge, and angry without extraordinary measures? Why do blacks think they can riot, break laws, and not be arrested or held accountable? How can Charlie Rangel, a lawbreaker himself, or Al Sharpton, a liar himself, be the standard bearers for the black community when they are nothing but self-serving rabble rousers?

The animals are definitely running the zoo, and the world will be chaotic if our laws are not respected and our officers who are expected to uphold them are hogtied. America will descend into a state of anarchy if this lawlessness is allowed to continue unchecked. Should the white population riot as well? Is that the answer? Fighting fire with fire, setting up a firebreak, often stops the fire but doesn’t solve the problem. Arrests of criminals have to be the first line of defense. Criminals have to know they will face the consequences and officers who uphold the law have to be respected by all races, period.

There is a hue and cry for the police to have accountability, for the police to obey the law, even as these same protesters ignore the behavior of those who died,tragically, because they did not have to be accountable for their own behavior and they were actively disobeying the law. Where is the cry for these criminals to be accountable for their own behavior, for them to stop ignoring the law? Sadly, it is nowhere to be heard.

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3 Responses to Anger Unleashed

  1. JoAnn says:

    Why is there a demand that the police need to change? What about the criminals? I cannot even express how outraged I am!

  2. omasvoice says:

    I always thought that if Obama was elected, America would never be the same. My fears are being realized.

    • JoAnn D Kirk says:

      He made promises that stupid people believed. I remember the woman standing outside a polling place screaming that now she would be able to get a nice new car!

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