A Death In Vienna, Daniel Silva

deathI listened to this book on a long road trip. This tale of espionage was very fast moving, as well as being just long enough to engage me, the listener without exhausting me. The reader was good and it truly held my interest while keeping my eyes alert and on the road. While it was not rocket science, it did provide a history of parts of the Holocaust, never actually getting into the weeds, just imparting the information necessary for the story to take shape.

It basically begins with an explosion that takes the life of two young employees working for an office investigating Holocaust crimes and seriously injuring the elderly man who runs it. Apparently a Nazi murderer has been discovered in Vienna, living a very fruitful and successful life, gleaning much respect from those with whom he is in contact because of his position. This explosion starts a pattern of violence as this Nazi seeks to protect his hidden identity from discovery. Who was this Nazi murderer? Where did he do his dastardly deeds? Why is he going to such lengths, now, in his old age, to prevent his discovery?

These secrets are revealed in the book as the CIA and Israeli Spy network work to find out the secrets behind the bloodshed. It takes place in several countries, America, Israel, Austria, Italy and Argentina. As our heroes and villains move from place to place, the story gets more and more exciting, the secrets more and more perplexing. Underlying the political intrigue, there is also a tragic story of loss and a current story of love. This is book four in the Gabriel Allon series of which there are several.


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