Radiant Angel, Nelson DeMille, Read by Scott Brick

radiantangelThis author knows how to keep the reader on the edge of the seat throughout, even when the story is contrived and somewhat implausible. Although the story was an exciting tale with a slow build up of tension until the end, unfortunately, when it came to the end, it culminated in a less than stellar climax. The ending simply fell far short of the mark. Radiant Angel is the seventh in a series of John Cory novels. Cory, once an ant-terrorism cop, has a reputation for being a loose cannon. His marriage is a bit unsteady at the moment, His wife is still working for the department he once did, while he is now working for the Feds keeping an eye on foreign diplomats. He suspects his was a convenient transfer for the purpose of putting distance between him and his wife, Kate Mayfield, so he could not keep an eye on her. He suspects that she might be having a cozy relationship with her boss, the boss who also used to be his boss. Currently, Cory is watching Russian agents that are in the country under false pretenses. They are supposed to be involved with human rights issues, but Cory and his team believe they are behaving suspiciously. Actually, they are planning to carry out a bizarre and diabolical plot to murder Americans with a weapon of mass destruction, a plot which he and his partner become embroiled in and which places them in great danger. Cory is working with Tess Faraday, who is supposedly someone who has requested to work with him to learn under his tutelage, but in fact she, like the Russians, is far more than she seems to be, as well. When they lose track of the Russians, Cory and Tess find themselves on the adventure of their lives as they work to stop a diabolical plot to blow up Manhattan, using a suitcase nuke, on the day after 9/11. The nuke is on a ship somewhere on the ocean. Will the nuke make it to New York or will they be able to find it in time, disarm it and save the city? Cory is a cool protagonist and doesn’t let too much upset him. Tess is a brave agent who is also cool under fire. The story is told with the usual flare De Mille has for creating tension with underlying humor. It is a very compelling read except for the ending which is simply not very credible and made an exciting read somewhat like a fairy tale. The reader did a good job with a voice that never grew dull or boring and actually brought the story to life in a way that the print book might not have been able to do because the story was a bit thin in terms of content. The humor was sometimes crass, but coupled with the theme of possible mass destruction of a major city, it kept me interested for most of the book. For a book that will not tax your mind, but will surely entertain it, give it a try.

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