UnLikeable, Edward Klein

hillaryHillary Clinton is exposed in Ed Klein’s book, as a woman who will say and do anything to be elected and/or apparently, to get her way. The ultimate end results never seem to matter, nor do the means by which she attains them. For Hillary, the appearance of her behavior is what counts, the appearance of success, regardless of whether or not, in fact, the idea presented as “success” is indeed a failure in the end, as in the Russian reset and the capture of those responsible for the Benghazi debacle, for in fact, no one really responsible has ever been held accountable.
This exposé on Hillary Clinton reinforces her duplicity and arrogance in gossip column fashion. It attempts to tell all about the relationship of the Obamas with the Clintons. It was not what it appeared to be in the public eye, but was much more adversarial. Barack disliked Bill, who felt mutually towards Barack. Valerie Jarrett, whom Klein calls Obama’s “consigliore”, and Michelle Obama, felt mutual feelings of disgust toward Hillary, which she returned toward them. Jarrett, in particular was rude and cool to her, keeping her waiting longer than necessary for appointments and engineering efforts to disarm her in her campaign for President. This upper echelon, the triumvirate of Jarrett, Michelle and Obama, seemed to take pleasure in humiliating her, and their attempt to bring Hillary down was barely disguised.
Klein excoriates the Clintons and Obamas with innuendos, quotes, suggestive remarks, snippets of overheard conversations, some rumors and even what seemed like gossip, coupled with his own conclusions drawn from all the information he received from “informants”. One has to read between the lines and accept, with blind faith if that is your leaning, certain information presented, but it is obvious that Klein believes that Bill has no scruples, Obama is ruled by his ambition and ego, Hillary and Bill are persona non grata to those in the elite circle of the White House administration, and Valerie Jarrett and Michelle Obama wield enormous power and they do not care much for Hillary. Also, according to Klein, Hillary and Chelsea are described as having similar bad tempers, with Michelle described as no lightweight in that category, while Jarrett is described as imperious and condescending. Bill Clinton is still up to his womanizing escapades, some quite embarrassing to Hillary, although she seems to have a low bar for his unacceptable behavior. Klein makes the case that Barack Obama is virtually henpecked by Valerie and Michelle, that they are, together, quite the powerful force, occasionally attempting to move him around like a puppet on a string. Their influence on him appears to be enormous and they often seem successful at manipulating him to get their way, which may be at odds with his original intentions but perfectly suits theirs. It is obvious, there is no love lost between them and the “unlikeable” Hillary and her husband.
There are times when he presents ideas and conversations which sound improbable to have come from a source, since that “secret source” would easily be recognizable from the type of information provided and the place it was supposedly gathered, i.e., at a discreet and small, private dinner in the family dining room. Some ideas seem conflated to reach the particular conclusions he wishes to draw, possibly without enough proof to do so. However, although he does not have sources named for all he reveals, he makes a compelling case against Hillary Clinton’s character and ability to be in the White House as the Chief Executive, as well as a case against the inexperienced and immature behavior of the upper echelons currently in the White House, who are often rude and perhaps, unprofessional. He also seems almost prescient in his conclusions about some subjects, like Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation finances, and the email scandal, making predictions which seem to have come true.
Overall, he paints a picture of Bill Clinton as a man in failing health, still chasing skirts and embarrassing his wife, a man it is necessary to keep out of the public eye in much the same way Michelle Obama was because of her abrasiveness that used to get under the skin of the public and Obama’s handlers when he was running. He cites the old boy network that has been activated to propel Hillary to the nomination and then, ultimately the Presidency. She is being remade, physically and socially as her skills are being honed and altered to make her seem more likeable. He paints Hillary as being self-serving, as are all the Clintons, and single-minded with one focus, the Presidency and the success of their Foundation. Apparently, there is friction not only between the Obamas and the Clintons, but between the Clintons and the people they come in contact with who disagree with them and would prefer another candidate, a goal which will not be accomplished. Her nomination for President is practically in the bag because of party politics and what can only be dubbed, by me, as “Clintonian power”.
Hillary’s right hand, Huma Abedin, was a member of the radical group, The Muslim Brotherhood, and not in a perfunctory manner. She was a member of the executive board of the Muslim Students Association which according to Klein was founded by The Brotherhood. She has been associated with a publication founded by a man who had financial dealings with Bin Laden and al Qaeda, as the Assistant Editor, while she worked with Hillary Clinton. Klein points out Clinton’s failures in a laundry list, among them her personal forbidden business relationship with Sidney Blumenthal, her use of a personal email account, her failure in Libya, her failed Russian reset, and her lack of definitive action against the terrorist organization Boko Haram. He also points out clandestine relationships with major companies and other countries that have benefited not only Hillary, but also her brother and Bill.
During the ensuing investigations of Hillary’s actions, it would seem that she learned her lessons well, not only from her husband but from Obama. She too finds it quite easy to parse words without directly answering any questions. Like Obama, she was unaware of the playing out of historic incidents until she watched them on television or turned on the internet, especially when it might affect political aspirations. She does not believe that she has to follow the same rules as everyone else, and if she becomes President, she will make her own in the future. The largely liberal media does not hold the Clinton’s feet to the flames but rather accepts their dishonorable behavior as run of the mill, par for the course, nothing new, which is the entire strategy of the Clintons, and it is working. Klein says while “bill is Hamish, Hillary is a klutz”, I say a better word is gonif for both. Now what would be a good descriptive word for the Obamas and their inner circle, hmmmm??? I think saboteurs might be the best when it comes to their behavior toward Hillary and quite possibly the stature of America in the eyes of the rest of the world!
From Klein, one learns that even while the Clintons lambaste the upper classes, they have climbed their way to the very top of that ladder. They have used their influence to amass a fortune while campaigning against others who have reached that same pinnacle. Hillary has decided to follow Bill Clinton’s advice, say anything and do anything that you want to get elected, and then when you are elected, you can do whatever you want, as we have surely learned from Obama’s behavior. Apparently, this behavior is widely accepted by the American public, “a public that has become so inured to the lying, it almost respects the ability to do it”. There is a disregard for the truth by a public that is largely ignorant to the issues facing the country and a public that is more interested in entertaining soundbites than facts and reality. How else could there be support for a woman who rails against the amount of money spent in campaigning, although it was Barack Obama who raised that bar, when she thinks nothing of spending enormous sums herself. Hillary can tell bald-faced lies with impunity and a smile, reversing her position on different issues with aplomb and then denying it, which deftly serves her purposes and the aims of her staff.
Hypocrisy is the new norm.
In Klein’s defense, for his lack of named sources, he cites other famous authors who have written tell-all books about famous personages without any sources whatsoever, like the authors of Game Change, John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. It would seem that loose lips do sink ships and there is a fear of drowning out there by liberals and conservatives. There were occasions, as I read, when I wondered how someone could have provided a particular tidbit without it being obvious it was that person, since so few would have been able to know that fact, but then, I supposed that there were those who would like to stop Hillary in her tracks and do not mind being identified or those who don’t have to fear being identified because of their own powerful positions. Those who oppose her are literally afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation, according to Klein. Few people were willing to be named as they feared retribution from the Clintons who are very powerful people in the Democrat Party and the world. They can grant favors as well as they can rescind them.
Obama, according to Klein, pretty much seethes at the lack of respect the Clintons have shown him and his “rules”, however, Obama seems to set the example for bending the rules and sometimes shows a lack of respect for the office and the manner in which President’s behave, i.e., returning the bust of Churchill to the British. His narcissism has presented a picture of a President who needs to continue to grow into the office of the Presidency and out of his own personal interest agenda, in favor of the broader one which is in the best interest of the entire country. From Klein’s approach, I got the idea that Obama seems far too concerned with his legacy and not with America’s future, and Hillary too, it would seem, has her own agenda front and center, rather than that of the country. I was left with memories of an old television show and asked myself, will the real Hillary please stand up and will I like her?

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